The Rebel Canines: 10 Dog Breeds That Never Quite Got the Hang of Obedience


Dogs are known to be loyal and obedient companions, but not all breeds possess the same level of obedience. Some dog breeds tend to be more independent and have a mind of their own. According to a recent article, the top 10 least obedient dog breeds were identified based on various factors.

The article highlights that the Basenji is considered one of the least obedient breeds. These dogs are known for their stubbornness and independent nature, which can make training a challenge. Similarly, the Bloodhound is also listed as a less obedient breed due to their strong scenting instincts, which can cause them to lose focus during training sessions.


Other breeds on the list include the Chow Chow, which can be unpredictable and strong-willed, and the Dachshund, which has a stubborn streak. The independent and intelligent Afghan Hound is also mentioned, along with the Basset Hound, which tends to have a mind of its own. The Beagle, known for its hunting instincts, can also be difficult to train.

The Bulldog, known for its determination and willfulness, and the Shih Tzu, which can be obstinate and stubborn, are also mentioned in the list. Finally, the Siberian Husky, known for its independent nature and high energy, is listed among the least obedient breeds.

In conclusion, while dogs are generally known for their obedience, some breeds tend to be less so. Factors such as their independent nature, strong instincts, and stubbornness can make training a challenge for these breeds.


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