Is Amy Davidson Friends With Kaley Cuoco And The Cast Of 8 Simple Rules After The Show Ended?

In countless TV shows and movies, parents have worried about their teenagers entering the dating scene. The '90s rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You featured this storyline, and in 2002, the sitcom 8 Simple Rules premiered with a similar premise. While the series had some funny episodes and cute moments, many remember 8 Simple Rules because John Ritter tragically passed away while filming. Years later, it came out that co-star Katey Sagal didn't like how the show approached his death.

8 Simple Rules is also memorable because Kaley Cuoco played a teenage character on the sitcom early on in her career. The show also starred the talented Amy Davidson, who didn't become super famous afterward, despite how likable she was as Kerry Hennessy. However, 8 Simple Rules has remained a meaningful part of Amy Davidson's life, and it's possible that she has kept in touch with her co-stars.

Are 8 Simple Rules Stars Kaley Cuoco And Amy Davidson Friends Today?

Over three seasons of 8 Simple Rules, which aired from 2002 to 2005, Katey Sagal and John Ritter played married couple Cate and Paul Hennessy. Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson played their high school-aged daughters Bridget and Kerry.

As is often the case on family sitcoms, Bridget and Kerry couldn't be more different from one another. They always feel like they are being compared to each other. Kerry doesn't feel like people love her as much as Bridget, who everyone thinks is pretty and flawless.

While it would be a few years before Cuoco would become more well-known thanks to playing Penny in The Big Bang Theory, 8 Simple Rules was still one of her first big breaks. As for Davidson, she had previously played Cammie Morton in the sitcom So Little Time, which starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Cuoco is 37 now and Davidson is 44. Considering the fact that they were both young when they starred in 8 Simple Rules, it's easy to hope that they must have gotten along while filming the series. There is no talk of the actors fighting. In fact, in the years since 8 Simple Rules was on the air, they seem to have only grown closer.

Several sources have reported that the two have been pals for many years now and that it all started because of 8 Simple Rules. They talk about each other in loving terms and are always there to celebrate each other's huge accomplishments, which is definitely proof of a true and genuine friendship.

According to People, when Amy Davidson was pregnant with her son Lennox Sawyer Lockwood, who was born in 2016, Kaley Cuoco organized Amy Davidson's baby shower. This definitely proves that the two are pals as Cuoco put a lot of effort and work into the event. Davidson shared that Kacy Lockwood, her husband, is a captain, and Cuoco decided that the shower would have a water theme.

Davidson explained in an interview with People, "We had the shower in Kaley's backyard, which is a paradise. Kaley is one of the best hostesses I know — even when we do Bachelor night! It was relaxed and beautiful."

In 2016, after the baby was born, The Daily Mail reported that Cuoco was thrilled to meet the little one. Cuoco wrote on social media, "Just making my #auntie rounds with little Lennox, this kid is epic!!!!!! #obsessed #madlove good work little big sis @amy_davidson."

The actors have always been there for each other, no matter what is going on in their lives. In 2017, Amy Davidson talked about Kaley Cuoco's former partner Karl Cook in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

In the same interview, Davidson praised Cuoco for being such a big part of her life. She said, "Kaley has been such a support system over the years for everybody. She is a sister. I don't have a sister, so we've always said, 'sisters.' You go through something so tragic that nothing can break that bond. She's a powerhouse. I'm so proud of her."

Although the relationship between Cuoco and Cook didn't work out and the two ultimately got divorced in 2022, Davidson felt that he was the correct fit for her pal at the time.

She explained, "Karl is great. He's exactly who you see. He loves cooking and he's gentle and he's a kind person. I'm really happy because she deserves to be treated well."

Does Amy Davidson Get Along With The Rest Of The 8 Simple Rules Cast?

Amy Davidson seems to love her other 8 Simple Rules co-stars Martin Spanjers and Katey Sagal. The cast has seen each other publicly in the time since the show went off the air, and they always appear to be pleased to be with each other again.

In May 2023, People reported that the actors went to a gathering hosted by the John Ritter Foundation along with Kaley Cuoco.

Cuoco spoke onstage and shared how happy she was to be with her 8 Simple Rules co-stars. Since the cast lost Ritter while filming the sitcom, it was definitely an emotional moment.

Cuoco said, My Hennessy family from a little show called 8 Simple Rules is also here tonight. It's great to be back together. Amy Davidson, Martin Spanjers, and Katey Sagal… just, thank you. This is really awesome. I think John is laughing his a** off right now. He cannot believe we're here."

It seems like Davidson is closer to the actors who played her 8 Simple Rules siblings than Katey Sagal. This could be because Davidson, Spnajers, and Cuoco were all kids when they starred on the sitcom, and that allowed them to get to know each other well.

In 2015, The Daily Mail reported that Spanjers, Cuoco, and Davidson went hiking and seemed really glad to be hanging out.

However, even though Amy Davidson seems to be closer to Kaley Cuoco and Martin Spanjers than Katey Sagal, the actors still seem glad to see each other. It seems that filming 8 Simple Rules was a significant and special time in everyone's lives.

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