Young Sheldon's Iain Armitage Has The Perfect Streaming Profile On Max


When creating an account on Max, the streaming platform gives the option to select a favorite character as a user's profile photo. There's quite the array of choices, from Pedro Pascal and "The Last of Us" cast to undersea creatures for "Shark Week." However, in the household of "Young Sheldon" star Iain Armitage, there was only one possible choice of who should greet him each time he opens Max: the adult version of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons).

On Instagram, Armitage posted a photo of his account, which shows a slightly smiling Sheldon as the profile picture. He captioned the post, "Look how someone personalized the streaming services in this house.



That "someone" was likely Armitage himself, since the profile name is "iain." Plus, the "Young Sheldon" actor has made it clear over the years that Parsons is an inspiration and mentor. Therefore, it would've been a little odd, albeit funny, if he chose Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) or one of the other "The Big Bang Theory" cast members as his avatar.

Iain Armitage sees Jim Parsons as an inspiration

In response to Iain Armitage's post showing off his Max profile, one of his followers asked if he looks up to Jim Parsons. To this, Armitage said, "I admire him so much. I also look up to him literally, because he's so tall.



The two Sheldons became fast friends after Armitage landed the leading role in "Young Sheldon," a "Big Bang Theory" origin story. After portraying the theoretical physicist for 12 years, Parsons offered to give Armitage pointers as he took on an adolescent version of the iconic character. Not only did Parsons help Armitage perfect Sheldon's personality and quirks; he also provided acting tips that Armitage can use beyond "Young Sheldon." Armitage told TV Guide, "Advice can be, 'Maybe we could say this line differently,' to, 'Let's play this scene a whole different emotion.'"

Their friendship even extends beyond the "Young Sheldon" set.


In October 2022, Armitage traveled to New York to see Parsons off-Broadway in a preview performance of "A Man of No Importance." Armitage gushed in an Instagram post, "Jim is astonishing and he's surrounded by an incredible cast."

Therefore, Armitage doesn't have his favorite character as his Max avatar — he has his mentor and buddy.


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