The , and that definitely includes The Vampire Diaries. The supernatural story, the battle between brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, and the quick pace are all easy to obsess over. While , the actress is beloved for her time playing Elena Gilbert.

In 2020, on Twitter about the presidential debate. It was surprising since their characters, Stefan Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman, never had any problems. And while it doesn't appear that the co-stars had any arguments while filming The Vampire Diaries, there are some other cast members who have shared some less than perfect experiences on the popular series.


While have increased her net worth and kept her in the spotlight, she is always going to be talked about as Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie is Elena's best friend who is also an incredible witch with extensive knowledge and gut instincts.

For many years now, fans have been commenting on Bonnie Bennett's storylines on The Vampire Diaries. And they aren't pleased with them. The Mary Sue published an article about Julie Plec, one of the producers and showrunnners on The Vampire Diaries, telling Deadline that Bonnie and Damon couldn't actually fall in love on the show.


The Mary Sue reported that Plec said, “Bonnie and Damon had a thing in the books. We had sort of always said, ‘We don’t buy a romantic connection between Bonnie and Damon because Damon’s just done too many terrible things and Bonnie just has more integrity than that,’ but we wanted to service that relationship in the canon a little bit.”

For some fans, the fact that Bonnie and Damon aren't given the chance to have a real romance is a problem.

When Vanessa Morgan said that Riverdale uses BIPOC characters "as sidekick non dimensional characters to our white leads," .

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress said, "I will say that I was fortunate in a lot of ways because if I ever felt anything -- at the time Mark Pedowitz, who is still the president of The CW, who's also Jewish, he was a really great ear for me.


There are a lot of great people in different studios that really do make themselves available to have conversations where there are things missing and there needs to be a shift of awareness."

Graham continued that she felt that people were "amazing and supportive."

While the actress has spoken about how she was treated well on the set of The Vampire Diaries, she did mention to Entertainment Tonight that many BIPOC actors are still facing discrimination. She said, "I feel like things are shifting, but to be honest, we're all in a bit of a bubble and a lot of us haven't been on set.


So, I don't know if I can say, 'Oh, I'm on set and the level of diversity and equity and there's a balance.' ... What I'm excited about seeing is the shift of consciousness."

However, Kat Graham did speak candidly about what it was like for her on The Vampire Diaries. In an interview with, she said, "I was always the odd man out. I was the only minority on the show. I was the only performer on the show, the only one releasing [music] on the show, so I was already a bit different."

The Vampire Diaries was a massive part of Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder's careers. Wesley starred in Tell Me A Story afterward and Somerhalder was famous for playing Boone Carlyle on Lost.


However, playing the Salvatore brothers made both actors very famous.

Life on The Vampire Diaries set wasn't always easy.

Wesley and Nina Dobrev have shared that they didn't like each other at the beginning. And Somerhalder and Dobrev dated and then went their separate ways while the show was still on the air.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder argued about whether Damon or Stefan would pass away at the end of The Vampire Diaries. And while the co-stars seemed to get along during filming, they did have one tough experience.


The on the set of The Vampire Diaries for a while due to drinking too much caffeine.

While shooting scenes where Stefan and Damon were drinking alcohol, they both had iced tea because they didn't want to drink actual alcohol. But that ended up backfiring and they decided to have decaf in the future.

According to Page Six, Ian Somerhalder said that during season 1, “We had the most insane anxiety issues because there was so much caffeine. You’re drinking 20 to 30 cups of tea, so by the end of the day you’re, like, ‘Ahh! We didn’t [sleep].” Anyone who loves coffee and has had a few too many cups in a day can definitely relate to this.


While fans know all about Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev having problems at first, it turns out that Ian Somerhalder had some tension with a co-star at the beginning of filming The Vampire Diaries.

In an interview with, Kat Graham explained that she and Somerhalder had trouble. But then they figured out how to be friends, and now they are very close. Since Bonnie and Damon have so many scenes together, especially when they are stuck in The Other Side, it's good news that they repaired their relationship.


Graham said, "Ian and I used to not like each other at all. We hated each other first season. Now he's my best friend in the cast. He's the person I can say in 30 years will be one of my closest friends."

Graham continued to, "We wanted to kill each other, but I was a kid and we were both very strong people. I was still finding myself." Graham called Somerhalder "one of my greatest inspirations" and it sounds like they were definitely able to put any tension aside and cultivate a better relationship.