Fire Country Could Become An NCIS-Like Franchise, Says CBS Exec

CBS chief George Cheeks is optimistic that the network's new hit show Fire Country has the scope to become the next big franchise like NCIS. The action-drama procedural - produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and stars co-creator Max Thieriot, Billy Burke, and Diane Farr - debuted on the network in October 2022. The show follows a young convict who assists the California Department of Forestry and Forest Protection in combating the fires that plague the region. The show enjoyed a strong debut and continued to put up consistent numbers throughout its 22-episode season 1. The success led to season 2 being green-lit, with Cheeks hopeful the show will become another hit franchise for them.

Speaking in an interview with Peter White of Deadline, the network's CEO discussed his joy over the performance of the show's debut season, and he hoped it would be a starting block to build a new franchise. Check out Cheeks' full comments on the matter below:

"We are focused on mass appeal franchises. We started with expanding universes, reimagining, but also creating new franchises. And again, this season's number one show was Fire Country, which completely lends itself to building out a whole new universe. So it is really important for us to double down on a franchise focus."

"It became very clear that not only was the show special, it really felt like this could be a great example of us building together a franchise from scratch. And so I'm like, 'you guys, congratulations, you got your back nine. Now let's start talking about ideas for new extensions.' They've already come up with some great ones … We're not necessarily looking at next year. We're looking when they're ready. That's the beauty of the gestation process. We know that we're doubling down on this one, so let's get it right. And whether that that means three years down the road or whether that means a Paramount Plus original or a CBS original, we'll see where it lands."

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