Kaley Cuoco explains why she’s done filming sex scenes and got a body double for new show

Kaley Cuoco has admitted she's done with the idea of filming sex scenes and enlisted a body double for her new show.

The Big Bang Theory star plays true crime obsessive and estate agent Ava Bartlett in comedy series Based On A True Story, which also tied her real life pregnancy into the storyline.

The 37-year-old star has revealed how a body double wearing a prosthetic belly filmed the scenes for the character's sexual fantasies.

'I don't roll that way. I need someone else to do that stuff,' she told USA Today. 'Also, who wants to see that? Not my thing.

'I'd rather let someone else do it, and that's what's movie magic [is for]. We don't have to do those things anymore. We can have someone else do it, and we can fake our way through.'

She compared the situation to Chris Messina – who plays her husband Nathan in the Peacock series – and his apparent lack of tennis skills.

She joked: 'You think that Chris Messina played tennis? Please! He was terrible! That's his double.

There was another benefit of having a body double during her pregnancy, which meant Kaley – who gave birth to her first baby with partner Tom Pelphrey in March – could have a break from the very physical shoot.

She admitted: 'I had to be on my feet a lot. It was a lot. And by the end, I was nine months pregnant.

'So the fight scene at the end near the grave − the fantasy − a lot of that was done by my double because it was like I was literally about to give birth, like any second.'

aley recently revealed she and her boyfriend want more kids in the future just weeks after welcoming daughter Matilda into the world.

When asked if she wants to have any more kids, she told the SmartLess podcast: 'Yeah we do…'

She also opened up about being a new mum, explaining she's incredibly grateful to her Tom's mum and her own mother for stepping in to help out during the first few weeks.

Kaley said: 'She's [Matilda] pretty awesome. I'm not going to lie we have some very nice help – I feel guilty even saying it – I feel our relationship has survived because we have all this help…

'My mum is the best, so is Tom's mum. They come in, they help, they don't overstep .. we're just really lucky.'

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