Shemar Moore Spills the Beans on His Steamy Adventures in 'Criminal Minds'


Shemar Moore, known for his role as Derek Morgan on the hit TV show Criminal Minds, has made an interesting revelation about his character's love life. The actor, in an interview, stated that his character is finally getting some "hanky panky" on the show.

Moore explained that throughout the eight years he had been part of the show, fans had been waiting for Morgan to have a love interest. He acknowledged that people had long shipped his character with co-star Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness. However, Moore revealed that Morgan's love life would be taking a different direction.


The actor teased that Morgan will be entering into a romantic relationship with a new character. Although he didn't provide specific details about the character or how their relationship will unfold, Moore assured fans that they won't be disappointed. He added that there will be lots of surprises and twists in this storyline, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Moore concluded the interview by expressing his gratitude towards the show's loyal fan base. He acknowledged their continuous support, which has allowed the show to run for fifteen seasons.

Fans of Criminal Minds are now eagerly awaiting the unfolding of Morgan's love life and the introduction of the new character. Moore's revelation has left them excited and curious about the future of the show.


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