Instagram Live: JR Smith's Wife Sends Prayers to His Sidechick (Replay)


JR Smith's wife, Jewel Harris, has made headlines on social media after she used Instagram Live to pray for her husband's alleged sidechick. The NBA player's marriage has been under scrutiny after a video surfaced showing him with another woman. While some may have expected Harris to be angry or resentful towards the woman involved, she surprised everyone by expressing her compassion instead.

During the Instagram Live session, Harris began by acknowledging the pain and hurt that she has experienced, but quickly shifted her focus to praying for the well-being and happiness of the woman who Smith allegedly had an affair with. She asked for strength and guidance for both herself and the other woman, showing a level of empathy that is rarely seen in these situations.


Harris's actions have garnered both praise and admiration from people. Many have applauded her for choosing forgiveness and displaying a mature approach to the situation. Some have even expressed their belief that her prayers could help bring healing and reconciliation to all parties involved.

This incident highlights the complexities of infidelity within relationships and the different ways individuals react to it. While it is expected for the betrayed partner to feel anger and betrayal, Harris's response offers an alternative approach - one of forgiveness and understanding.

Overall, JR Smith's wife using Instagram Live to pray for her husband's alleged sidechick has shown a surprising level of compassion and forgiveness, challenging the typical narrative surrounding infidelity and showcasing the power of empathy in difficult situations.


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