Justin Theroux Opens Up About His Split From Jennifer Aniston in Candid Interview | E! News


In a recent interview with the media outlet E! News, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux opened up about his divorce from actress Jennifer Aniston. The couple announced their separation in February 2018, after two years of marriage.

Theroux emphasized that the split was amicable and that there was no animosity between him and Aniston. He stated that they still have a deep friendship and love for each other, and that they continue to support one another. Theroux further added that they have remained in contact and occasionally hang out together.

The actor also addressed the rumors surrounding the reasons for their breakup. He dismissed any speculation about infidelity or dramatic incidents leading to their separation. Theroux noted that relationships and marriages are complex and that it's unfair to reduce them to simple narratives.


Theroux shared that he and Aniston had been navigating their separation privately for a while before announcing it publicly. He expressed his gratitude for the support and understanding they received from friends, family, and fans during that time.

The interview concluded with Theroux stating that he and Aniston are both happy and doing well in their respective lives. He mentioned that they have both moved on and are focusing on their work and personal growth.

Overall, the interview highlighted Theroux's amicable relationship with Aniston post-divorce and dispelled rumors and speculation surrounding their separation.


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