Unveiling the Unseen Secrets: 10 Mind-Blowing NCIS Details You've Always Missed!

NCIS, a popular TV show that has been on the air for 17 seasons, is known for its interesting characters and cool cases. However, there are hidden details in the show that even devoted fans may have missed. Some of these details include the use of footage from the show JAG, the filming location being in Valencia, CA instead of Washington DC, and the changing faces on the N.C.I.S. Most Wanted board. The distinct "foof" sound in the show was created by the show's creator, and real family members of the cast and crew have appeared on the show. There are also references to real-life members of NCIS in cameos on the show. Furthermore, there is a reference to Harrison Ford, who was considered for a role on the show but turned it down. The show's title was changed multiple times to avoid confusion with CSI, and the character Abby Sciuto is often seen drinking a fictitious energy drink called Caf-Pow, which is actually unsweetened cranberry juice.

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