Kaley Cuoco Got In Trouble With TSA Due To This Habit

Kaley Cuoco is one of the stars of The Big Bang Theory sitcom and one of the wealthiest television actresses in Hollywood. She has become a household name for playing the ordinary girl who gets thrown into the circle of science nerds. Her having to be their guide and chaperone in certain situations makes her character the most relatable on the show.

Likewise, the actress has a more relatable habit that may have gotten her in trouble with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the airport. Kaley Cuoco may have used this habit to her advantage for one of her shows. However, having to be searched and possibly being on the no-flight list got the actress rethinking whether it was worth it.

Kaley Cuoco Shared An Awkward TSA Story With Jimmy Kimmel

It was on a trip to Australia when something that usually happened to Kaley Cuoco and now ex-husband Karl Cook occurred again: stopped and searched by TSA at the airport. The situation was always hilarious and uncomfortable for the pair.

"Karl, for some reason, ends up getting the pat down every time we go through security. Every single time he goes through, beep, every time. He's so unassuming. There's no reason why he should be getting a pat down. He's getting all felt and everything, and I'm laughing. It's happened every time," Kaley Cuoco shared in one of her interviews on Jimmy Kimmel.

Cuoco may not have revealed why her former partner was patted by TSA each time at the airport, but she did in the case when she received similar treatment. Kaley got her unexpected and awkward TSA moment when she got caught carrying contraband through security.

"We're going to Australia, one of the ladies goes, 'Whose bag is this?' It's my purse. I'm like, 'It's my bag,' thinking I'm going to get a compliment on my purse. She goes, 'We need to look through your bag.' I'm like, 'It's Gucci.' She's like, 'No, we need to look through your bag.'

After allowing the TSA staff to search her bag, a wine opener popped out of her purse. "It was like the arms were apart, like a rabbit. And I was like, 'Oh my god! That's like a weapon!'" Cuoco recounted.

While Kaley had an innocent enough reason for unintentionally weaponizing herself, it was still a moment for her to reflect on the habit she loves — drinking alcohol.

Kaley's Love Of Wine Got Her In Trouble While Flying

Kaley Cuoco obviously loves her wine, and having some on the plane gets her ready and prepared.

"I just always have a wine opener in my bag. I don't know why I carry a wine opener; I have all these little bags [when I travel]."

Her love for wine not only got her caught taking a wine opener on an airplane but she also got caught taking two.

"I had a second wine opener in my makeup bag - a tiny one. Somehow, subconsciously, I stuck it in there. She [TSA staff] likes to take it out. 'Oh my god, I'm going to be on a no-fly list. Something's going to happen to me.' She goes, 'You can't have these on the plane.' I'm like, 'I know.' Here's the thing. I just like alcohol. And apparently, I needed to be very prepared. I had the full one with the arms and the spike and a smaller one too. I'm always quite prepared, especially when vacationing. Apparently, you can't fly with them," Kaley told Jimmy Kimmel.

Cuoco, however, admitted that her love for drinking alcohol, especially on the plane, made her prepared. "[I] love to drink on the plane. It's the best time. I don't have to fly, I just sit there. Don't have to drive; just sit and take a couple of sips.

"That's why I'm enjoying the flying thing. Everyone is so less annoying when I get to that drinking point. Everyone's great. I can pass out. I'm like, everything's great!"

The merry reason of not having to deal with people on the plane makes Kaley Cuoco ready to risk being stopped by TSA because she always has her wine openers with her. This wouldn't be a first, as she and the other Big Bang Theory cast once got banned from pulling on-set pranks because of her funny business. However, the Big Bang actress has found another alternative.

"I'm into Bourbon now," she admitted. "I'm not allowed to carry a wine opener, so I can just take the Bourbon's top off, click, easy."

Admitting She Has A 'Problem,' Kaley Elaborated On Her In-Flight Drinking Habits

Kaley Cuoco fully admitted she may love drinking a lot. Having a love for alcohol may have also attracted Cuoco to the HBO series The Flight Attendant. It is a whole adventure away from The Big Bang Theory, but Cuoco has something in common with her flight attendant character, drinking on the plane.

Cuoco used her love for alcohol to connect with her character Cassie from The Flight Attendant. While she understood the reason for a drink or two, it wasn't easy filming the second season of The Flight Attendant because Kaley Cuoco was nervous. That's because Cuoco had difficulty playing an alcoholic for The Flight Attendant.

However, one of the reasons Cuoco drinks alcohol is to get through people watching TBBT episodes on the plane. According to her, someone is always watching the show, and she often gets a peep.

"Every time I'm on a plane, it seems like Big Bang Theory is on a plane. It's constantly 'Big Bang.' I hate the sound of my voice, so I like to watch the show that way. I can see it, see what's going on, check out how I looked, but I don't have to hear anything," she admitted.

Her drinking habit may have led to getting searched by TSA, but the Big Bang Theory star knows she needs to be prepared to have a drink to tolerate people, and the best place to have it is on flights while on vacation.

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