was one of the most popular shows on CBS, drawing between 13 and 16 million viewers per season. It made stars from the cast and earned a host of TV awards. The show frequently had superstar guests, who came into Charlie's life, often as a love interest.

revolved around Charlie Harper (played by ), a promiscuous jingle writer whose brother, Alan Harper, and nephew, Jake Harper, move into his Malibu beach house after Alan’s wife filed for divorce. Over the first eight seasons, many famous women played Charlie Sheen's love interests, but where are they now?


Melanie Lynskey played Charlie's neighbor, Rose in She had a relationship with Charlie and later became obsessed with him. She is frequently scene climbing over the balcony and into Charlie's house.

Although she is many viewers' favorite character, Lynskey has been . She has revealed that the show paid her the lowest SAG fee possible and realized after the first season that her character wasn't the right role for her. The New Zealand-born actress has also spoken openly about working to change her contract.

Luckily, the actress has gone on to roles more suited to her skills. She currently stars in


and appeared in HBO's. For her work as Shauna in , in a Drama Series and has been nominated twice for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress.

in a recurring role in . She is first introduced in season 3 as one of Charlie Harper's flings but soon starts dating his brother Alan. Her character appears dim-witted but actually manages to get a good deal out of her divorce.

its spin-off series . She has also appeared on and . She appeared as Barney Stinson's obsessive ex Meg in , and has made appearances in


, , and .

Leanne is the bartender at Pavlov's who is there to give Charlie Harper advice on . It's hinted at throughout the show that the pair hook up. She revealed she turned her life around after waking up in Charlie's bed with a cab fare taped to her head.

She appeared in 19 episodes and in and . Alongside acting, she is a keen mixed-media artist and

Lucy Lawless starred as Pamela in a 2005 episode of


. In the season 2 episode, Charlie Harper pretends to be gay when attending a party hosted by an ad executive. While at the party, he meets Lawless' character and tries to sleep with her without the executive knowing he is straight.

Lawless is most famous for playing More recently, , and has lent her voice to animations like and Recently, she has dedicated her life to charity work and ecoactivism.

Teri Hatcher plays Judith's sister Liz in . She makes a memorable appearance in season 1 at Jake's 11th birthday party.


It also revealed that Alan asked her out before his future wife and that Liz and Charlie hooked up at their sibling's wedding reception.

Hatcher has had a long and successful career but is best known for appearing in . In recent years, she has made YouTube videos and appeared on cooking shows. She still makes brief appearances on TV shows, including , and She has a recurring role inas Matthew Perry's love interest.

Brooke Shields plays Danielle in a season 4 episode, who moves next door to Charlie Harper.


The pretty brunette causes a rift between the brothers who both want to date her. Although originally set up on a date with Alan by Charlie, he soon decides he is interested. The last time we see her she is falling over Jake's skateboard.

Shields recently appeared in 19th season, and voiced Beverly Goodman in the Adult Swim animated series and its spin-off . Shields was also the subject of the 2023 documentary, , which dealt with the sexualization she felt as a young model.

Charlie Sheen's then-wife appeared on the show as Lisa in seasons 1 and 2.


She was Charlie Harper's ex, who formally lived with him before the show until he refused to commit, and they broke up. They try to rekindle their relationship in season 2, but it doesn't work out.

Richards and Sheen have had a heavily publicized relationship after marrying in 2002. They have two children together and have had custody battles over the years. In 2018, Richards joined the cast ofand a year later, she joined the cast ofShe also regularly appears in projects on Lifetime and Christmas movies.


, is probably one of the only women Charlie Harper has ever loved on . She appears in season 6, and her character plays a huge role in season 7 after Charlie proposes to her. Taylor actually appears in the pilot episode as the woman Jake and Charlie speak to at the grocery store, and in season 5, she stars as a woman Charlie flirts with.

Taylor has made numerous guest appearances in TV shows including and . Her most recent high-profile role was in the faith-based .

Charlie Harper's girlfriend and future step-sister in eight episodes throughout several seasons of the show.


She tricks Charlie into a relationship, so she can blackmail him into buying her a Ferrari. Throughout her appearances, she asks him for money, and he later learns she is a con artist.

She later about his HIV diagnosis. Sheen's team confirmed he was diagnosed after the filmed scenes together and could not have passed it on. McCarthy has more recently been known for her outspoken personality and appearances on . She also currently appears as a judge on

The former ballet dancer appeared in 4 episodes as Lydia, Charlie Harper's ex, who reminds him of his mother.


On , after Charlie cancels his wedding to Mia, he dates Lydia who shares many characteristics with his mother. They have the same job, dress the same, and talk to him the same way! She falls out with Charlie's cleaner Berta, who threatens to quit her job unless he dumps Lydia.

LaNasa continues to appear on the small screen regularly. In 2016, LaNasa had a recurring role in and was a series regular on the Bravo's . In 2018, she played the villainous Ada in Dynasty and was a series regular on . Other credits include and .


Rachel plays Charlie Harper's ex, who leaves him for a handyman, played by Enrique Iglesias. A jealous Charlie tries to dress more youthful to win her back, but his money actually wins her over in the end.

Rachel Cannon is best known for playing Deidre in . She also made guest appearances in and She is also a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Jeri Ryan plays Charlie's villainous ex Sherri in season 2. Sherri likes to play hard to get and annoys Charlie Harper because he realizes he isn't in control of the situation.


Charlie begrudgingly refers to her as the female version of himself. She later dates Alan and is one of the exes who appear at Charlie's funeral in season 7.

Jeri Ryan is best known for playing Seven of Nine in and more recently . She has had an illustrious TV career, including roles inand . She appeared in 42 episodes ofand 28 episodes of .

Ming Na Wen appears in both seasons 5 and 7, playing Charlie's ex Linda Harris. Her character first meets Charlie on a double date set up by Alan, but his behavior repulses her.


When Charlie is caught by the police for drunk driving, Linda is the judge on his case. Charlie likes her enough to wait, but ultimately their bedroom activity is ruined by Rose. When Charlie gets high in season seven, Linda is one of the ex-girlfriends he sees.

Ming Na Wen has had a long and illustrious career on screen and doing voice work. Many people know her from and but she has also appeared on , and

The Canadian actress plays Mia, Charlie's ex-fiancee on . The dance teacher first meets Charlie in season 3, where he pretends Jake loves dancing.


She tries to make Charlie's lifestyle healthier, which causes a rift between them. They almost marry in Vegas but split after learning Alan won't move out.

Charlie tries to win her back over the next seasons. In season 7, she goes to Charlie with help with her singing career. He sees her during a drug-induced hallucination and she goes to his funeral in season 9. In the final episode, Mia gets a large check and an apology from Charlie.

Vaugier regularly makes guest appearances on popular TV shows like and . Vaugier was in a relationship with producer


Jodi Lyn O'Keefe had the recurring role of Isabella, Charlie's girlfriend, in seasons 3, 7, and 9. Isabella is a Satanist who tries to convince Charlie to join her covenant. Alan believes she has cursed him, and she tries to have a séance with Jake. She also tries to have a 'prophecy baby' with Charlie, drawing a pentagram on his stomach. She is ultimately scared away by Evelyn.

She has a lead role in VH1'sand played Jo on . Her guest appearances include roles on and .

Charlie Sheen's character on


, Charlie Harpere, falls for Jake's teacher, Dolores Pasternak (who is played by Pyle in all appearances, bar the last one where Alicia Witt plays her.) Charlie starts to date the 5th grade teacher after she suspends Jake for giving her the finger. She appears in season 6 as an exotic dancer after losing her job as a teacher. She believes Charlie is a gift from God and they should marry.

Pyle is a successful actress on the big and small screen. She played the coach in and appeared in and Her TV work includes season 2 of and