'Two And A Half Men' : The Cast Ranked From Richest To Poorest!


10 Ashton Kutcher As Walden Schmidt On Two And A Half Men - $280 Million Net Worth

Ashton Kutcher portrayed Walden Schmidt in the popular American television sitcom Two and a Half Men. He joined the show's cast in its ninth season, taking over as one of the main characters after Charlie Sheen's departure from the series. Walden Schmidt was a billionaire internet entrepreneur who bought the Malibu beach house previously owned by Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen's character) after Charlie's supposed death.

Walden Schmidt was portrayed as a socially awkward, kind-hearted, and emotionally vulnerable character.


Walden's storyline involved his desire to adopt a child. He went through the process of trying to adopt a child to experience the joys of fatherhood, and this storyline explored his emotional journey and the challenges he faced as a single man seeking to adopt.

After buying the beach house, Walden becomes the new roommate of Alan Harper (played by Jon Cryer). The two characters developed a close friendship over the course of the series, with Alan becoming Walden's confidant and offering him advice on various aspects of life.

9 Jon Cryer As Alan Harper On Two And A Half Men - $70 Million Net Worth


From 2003 to 2015, Jon Cryer skillfully embodied the character of Alan Harper in the popular television series Two and a Half Men. As the uptight and neurotic brother of Charlie Harper, Cryer's performance as the financially struggling chiropractor and loving father of Jake garnered immense praise from critics and viewers alike.

His exceptional portrayal earned him numerous award nominations and ultimately led to him receiving the prestigious Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Throughout the show's entire duration, Cryer remained a central figure, contributing greatly to its success.


8 Angus T Jones As Jake Harper On Two And A Half Men - $20 Million Net Worth

Angus T. Jones portrayed Jake Harper, the son of Alan Harper, in the long-running CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. He joined the show's main cast at a young age and became one of the central characters.

Jones played the role of the adorable and naive Jake from the show's premiere in 2003 until he left the series during its tenth season in 2013. His character's interactions with his uncle, Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen), and their caretaker, Berta (played by Conchata Ferrell), provided many comedic moments throughout the series.


7 Holland Taylor As Evelyn Harper On Two And A Half Men - $12 Million Net Worth

Holland Taylor played Evelyn Harper, the manipulative and self-absorbed mother of Charlie and Alan Harper, in Two and a Half Men. Taylor's performance as the overbearing and domineering matriarch earned her praise from both audiences and critics.

She was a recurring character on the show and made memorable appearances throughout its run, portraying Evelyn's complex relationship with her sons and her humorous interactions with other characters. Taylor is also known for standing by Charlie Sheen through his most difficult moments, and taking his side through the controversy that went on while filming.


6 Charlie Sheen As Charlie Harper On Two And A Half Men - $10 Million Net Worth

Charlie Sheen, a very well known actor with many starring roles, portrayed the character Charlie Harper in the American television sitcom Two and a Half Men. Charlie Harper was one of the main characters of the show, and his portrayal by Charlie Sheen became one of the defining aspects of the series. Charlie Harper was depicted as a womanizing, carefree, and hedonistic bachelor with a love for alcohol, gambling, and casual relationships. He lived a luxurious lifestyle in his beachfront house in Malibu, California, and made a living as a successful jingle writer.


The show's central premise revolved around the interactions between Charlie and his uptight and financially struggling brother, Alan Harper (played by Jon Cryer). After Alan's divorce, he moved in with Charlie, bringing along his young son, Jake (played by Angus T. Jones). The show explored the humorous situations that arose from their contrasting personalities and parenting styles. Throughout the series, Charlie's character had numerous short-term relationships with women, often emphasizing his womanizing tendencies. His difficulties in maintaining long-term commitments and his aversion to emotional intimacy were recurring themes.


5 Conchata Ferrell As Berta On Two And A Half Men - $10 Million Net Worth

Conchata Ferrell portrayed Berta, the sharp-tongued and no-nonsense housekeeper of the Harper household, in Two and a Half Men. Prior to her passing away in 2020, she had a net worth of $10 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

Her character brought a unique comedic element to the show with her sassy and witty remarks. Ferrell's portrayal of Berta made her one of the most beloved characters in the series. She remained a recurring character throughout the show's entire run until its final season in 2015.


4 Melanie Lynskey As Rose On Two And A Half Men - $5 Million Net Worth

Melanie Lynskey played the role of Rose, the eccentric and somewhat obsessed neighbor of Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men. Rose has an infatuation with Charlie and is known for her unpredictable behavior. Lynskey's portrayal of Rose added a comedic and slightly mysterious element to the show, and her character's antics became a recurring source of humor throughout the series.

3 Marin Hinkle As Judith Harper On Two And A Half Men - $4 Million Net Worth


Marin Hinkle portrayed Judith Harper-Melnick, the ex-wife of Alan Harper and mother of Jake Harper, in the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. Judith is a high-maintenance, materialistic, and often manipulative woman. Hinkle's performance as Judith showcased her comedic talents and contributed to the dynamic interactions between the Harper family members throughout the show's run.

2 Jennifer Taylor As Chelsea On Two And A Half Men - $3 Million Net Worth

Jennifer Taylor played the role of Chelsea Melini, a love interest of Charlie Harper, in Two and a Half Men.


Chelsea is depicted as a down-to-earth and practical woman who becomes one of Charlie's more serious relationships. Taylor's portrayal of Chelsea added a more stable and grounded dynamic to Charlie's romantic life on the show.

1 April Bowlby As Kandi On Two And A Half Men - $2 Million Net Worth

April Bowlby portrayed Kandi, a beautiful but ditzy and naive young woman who becomes involved with Alan Harper.She landed the role directly after her first audition. Kandi is an aspiring actress who often struggles with her acting career. Bowlby's performance as Kandi provided comic relief and contributed to the show's lighthearted and humorous tone.


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