Rising Stars: 20 Celebrities Who Made Cameos on Friends Prior to Fame


The article titled "Top 20 Celebs Who Were on Friends Before They Were Famous" discusses some of the notable celebrities who appeared on the popular television show Friends before achieving fame. The article highlights 20 celebrities who made guest appearances on the show.

The article begins by mentioning that Friends was known for its numerous celebrity guest stars, many of whom went on to become big names in the entertainment industry. It then proceeds to list the top 20 celebrities who appeared on the show before they gained widespread fame.

The list includes stars such as Brad Pitt, who played a character known as "Will Colbert" in one of the show's Thanksgiving episodes. Other celebrities on the list include George Clooney, who portrayed a doctor, and Julia Roberts, who played a character named "Susie Moss."


The article also mentions that some of these celebrities had very brief appearances on the show, but their appearances still left an impact on the audience. It notes that the show's creators were often able to predict which actors would go on to have successful careers.

In conclusion, the article highlights the top 20 celebrities who had guest appearances on Friends before becoming famous. It acknowledges the show's ability to showcase upcoming talent and mentions how these appearances added to the overall success and cult following of Friends.


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