NCIS: 10 Best Episodes, According to IMDb

NCIS is a popular television series that first aired in 2003 and is currently running its 21st season. The show revolves around Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who leads a team of agents in solving various cases, from homicides to international terrorism. It is known for its intriguing investigations and diverse cast of characters.

Here are the top NCIS episodes:

"Heartland" (Season 6, Episode 4): In this episode, the team investigates an attack on two Marines, leading them to Gibbs' hometown in Pennsylvania. Through flashbacks and conversations with locals, they uncover secrets from Gibbs' past. This episode offers insight into Gibbs' mysterious background and introduces his father, Jackson.

"Requiem" (Season 5, Episode 7): Gibbs is approached by Maddie, his daughter's childhood friend, who seeks help against a stalker. When Maddie gets kidnapped, Gibbs becomes determined to find her. The episode explores the emotional impact of Gibbs' tragic loss and highlights his commitment to protecting others.

"Twilight" (Season 2, Episode 23): Double-crossing Mossad agent Ari Haswari returns to the United States with intentions to kill Gibbs. The team races against time to locate Ari and investigates the deaths of two sailors that may be connected to a potential terrorist attack. This episode marks the departure of the character Caitlin Todd and introduces Ziva David.

"SWAK" (Season 2, Episode 22): The team is quarantined after a toxic powder is released from a letter addressed to Tony. They must determine the nature of the substance and find the sender. The episode showcases suspenseful twists and reveals corruption closer to home.

"The Arizona" (Season 17, Episode 20): The team investigates an off-base robbery linked to a World War II veteran named Joe Smith, who claims to have served on the U.S.S. Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack. The episode pays tribute to patriotism and explores the team's efforts to honor a deserving hero.

"Call of Silence" (Season 2, Episode 7): Ernie Yost, a former Marine and World War II veteran, confesses to murdering his friend decades ago. The team believes in his innocence and works to prove it while uncovering a heartbreaking tragedy. The episode sheds light on the lifelong impact of war and features guest star Charles Durning.

"She" (Season 16, Episode 13): The team discovers a neglected young girl hiding in a storage unit and reopens a missing persons case when they suspect she may be the daughter of a long-missing Marine. This episode brings back Ziva David through notes left by her character and highlights Ellie Bishop's connection to her predecessor.

"Truth or Consequences" (Season 7, Episode 1): The team searches for Ziva after she goes missing and is feared dead. Tony and McGee track her whereabouts to Somalia but end up getting caught, necessitating Gibbs' rescue mission. The premiere episode of season 7 showcases the team's loyalty and their willingness to risk everything for each other.

"Keep Going" (Season 14, Episode 13): When a Navy Captain dies in a hit-and-run, Dr. Jimmy Palmer tries to save a suicidal stranger while the team investigates the accident. This episode highlights Dr. Palmer's courage and reveals more about his character beyond his usual role as a medical examiner.

"Family First" (Season 13, Episode 24): Tony travels to Israel hoping to find Ziva alive but is devastated when he learns she likely died in a fire. However, he discovers that Ziva had a daughter, Talia, who is also his child. The emotional episode marks Tony's departure from NCIS and showcases the beginnings of his new life as a father.

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