Unveiling the Actual Ages and Off-Screen Relationships of the Chicago P.D Cast!


The article titled "Chicago P.D Cast REAL Age And Life Partners REVEALED!" discusses the real ages and personal lives of the cast members of the television show Chicago P.D. It reveals interesting details about the actors' ages and their relationships outside the show.

The article starts by revealing the age of the lead actor, Jason Beghe, who portrays the character Hank Voight. It states that Beghe was born on March 12, 1960, making him 61 years old. The article then moves on to provide information about another cast member, Patrick John Flueger, who plays the character Adam Ruzek. Flueger was born on December 10, 1983, making him 37 years old.


Next, the article delves into the personal lives of the cast members. It reveals that Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays the character Jay Halstead, was in a romantic relationship with his co-star Sophia Bush. However, the couple broke up, and Soffer is currently dating Torrey DeVitto, who also appears on the show as Dr. Natalie Manning.

The article also mentions Marina Squerciati, who portrays the character Kim Burgess. Squerciati has a child named Ella, but the article does not provide further details about the child's father or Squerciati's current relationship status.

In summary, the article highlights the real ages of the Chicago P.D cast members, including Jason Beghe and Patrick John Flueger. It also reveals some of the actors' personal relationships, such as Jesse Lee Soffer's past relationship with Sophia Bush and his current relationship with Torrey DeVitto. Additionally, Marina Squerciati's role as a mother is mentioned, although details about her current relationship are not provided.


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