Kaley Cuoco Subtly Criticizes Taylor Swift for Affecting Football Games With Travis Kelce Romance

Cuoco doesn't care that Pelphrey doesn't like how much attention is on Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce. "I'm loving every second of it," she said. The host of the talk show said, "It's like you're watching 'Housewives' while you're watching." "All they can talk about is gossip, and you wonder what the play has to do with it." They're taking over, though.

When Kelly's fans heard that she didn't want Taylor and Travis to be together, Kelly told them not to believe what she said. "Don't fall for clickbait or trash reporters who change the facts again." "I didn't say bad things about anyone's relationship," she stated. "I like stories about love." I enjoy reading love stories. Did you pay attention to my show? I just said that I want to watch football on TV. It looks like a fair request.

Since Taylor and Travis are getting to know each other better, she's likely to go to more of his games. But some people don't like it.

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