Young Sheldon Season 7’s Georgie & Mandy Story Is A Major Risk

The upcoming season 7 of Young Sheldon faces a major risk in its storytelling, specifically regarding the storyline of Georgie and Mandy's relationship. The established canon from The Big Bang Theory already reveals that their marriage ends in divorce, which could make their engagement and wedding plotline feel redundant and predictable. While Young Sheldon has the opportunity to explore other characters' futures, such as Missy and Mary, there is no lingering mystery regarding Georgie and Mandy's breakup, as the previous seasons already highlighted their rocky relationship. However, the spinoff can still justify their breakup by delving into how they discovered they weren't right for each other, allowing the characters to grow and learn from the experience. Similar to how character development in The Big Bang Theory transformed Howard's persona through his relationship with Bernadette, Young Sheldon can use the knowledge of Georgie and Mandy's eventual divorce to its advantage by showcasing their personal growth and realization of their incompatibility. By focusing on their journey of breaking up, the spinoff can make use of The Big Bang Theory's canon to add depth to their story.

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