Do Our Canine Companions Truly Long for Us When We Depart from Home?


There has long been a debate among dog owners about whether or not their furry companions actually miss them when they're not around. A new study from the University of Helsinki suggests that dogs do, in fact, experience a kind of separation anxiety when left alone.

The study involved observing the behavior of dogs when their owners left the house and found that the dogs showed signs of stress and anxiety. This included vocalizations, increased movement, and a decrease in eating and drinking. When the owners returned, the dogs exhibited excitement and joy, with wagging tails and jumping.

This suggests that dogs do feel a sense of attachment and miss their owners when they're not around. The study also found that the level of attachment varied depending on the breed of the dog. Breeds with a history of close human contact, such as hunting dogs, were more likely to exhibit signs of separation anxiety.


While it's difficult to determine the exact emotions that dogs experience, the study provides evidence that they do feel a range of emotions, including missing their owners. It reinforces the importance of providing dogs with appropriate care and attention to ensure their well-being and happiness.

So, if you're worried about leaving your dog home alone, it's safe to say that they do miss you and feel a sense of longing. It's important to provide them with positive experiences while you're away and to ensure they have enough mental and physical stimulation to help alleviate any separation anxiety they may experience.


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