The Most Hated Things by Guinea Pigs: 18 Pet Peeves You Should Know


Guinea pigs are known for being adorable and gentle pets. However, there are certain things that they absolutely hate. To ensure a happy and healthy life for your furry friend, it is essential to be aware of these dislikes and avoid them.

Firstly, guinea pigs despise being alone. They are social creatures and thrive on companionship. It is recommended to have at least two guinea pigs to keep them company.

Secondly, guinea pigs detest loud noises. Their sensitive ears cannot tolerate sudden bursts of loud sounds, so it is important to keep their surroundings calm and quiet.

Thirdly, these small animals loathe being picked up incorrectly. It is vital to support their hind legs and bottom while gently lifting them. Mishandling can result in injury or distress for the guinea pig.


Fourthly, guinea pigs hate being housed in small and cramped cages. They need space to move around and explore. A spacious cage with hiding spots and toys is ideal for their well-being.

Fifthly, guinea pigs despise being fed a diet devoid of fresh vegetables and fruits. These should be incorporated into their daily meals to keep them healthy and happy.

Sixthly, guinea pigs detest being exposed to extreme temperatures. They are sensitive to heat and cold, so it is crucial to provide them with appropriate temperature-controlled environments.

Seventh, guinea pigs hate rough play. They are delicate creatures and can easily get scared or injured during rough handling. Gentle interaction is always recommended.


Eighth, guinea pigs dislike being startled. Loud noises or sudden movements can frighten them. It is important to approach them calmly and slowly to avoid any unnecessary stress.

In conclusion, understanding what guinea pigs dislike is essential to ensure their happiness and well-being. By providing them with companionship, a calm environment, careful handling, a spacious cage, a varied diet, proper temperature control, gentle play, and avoiding sudden scares, guinea pigs can live a content and fulfilling life as beloved pets.


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