How Raegan Revord Feels About Playing Sheldon Cooper’s Twin On Young

Raegan Revord And Iain Armitage Prank Young Sheldon Crew

Since Raegan Revord and Iain Armitage play twins on Young Sheldon, they worked hard to create a close relationship off-screen. One way the two young actors have bonded is through pranking cast and crew members.

The two Young Sheldon stars view the set of the show as a big playground. They love to prank the crew. One crew member in particular is very skittish, making her an easy target in the costume department. Revord and Armitage will hide behind costumes and walls in order to jump out and scare the woman.

Raegan Revord Calls Iain Armitage Family

"It's been one of the best experiences of my life. I love our cast and crew so much," Revord told Glitter in an interview. "They've all become like my family. Getting to travel the world and go to the Upfronts or Paleyfest at such a young age has given me memories that I'll never forget."

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