Law and Order SVU fans devastated as key player exits show

Detective Grace Muncy, portrayed by Molly Burnett, has departed from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). After appearing in the SVU/Organized Crime crossover finale, it was confirmed that Burnett would not be reprising her role when the show returns later this year.

In the episode, Muncy revealed to Joe Velasco that her boss, Chief Tommy McGrath, was impressed with her work on a recent case and had offered her a promotion. She accepted the job off-screen and later packed up her desk, bidding a tearful goodbye to her partner.

Fans were disappointed with Muncy's sudden exit, expressing their discontent on platforms like Twitter. Many felt that Burnett deserved a better send-off as an actual cast member. Some viewers questioned the decision to develop Muncy's character throughout the season only to have her departure handled poorly.

Burnett's departure coincided with the death of Jamie Whelan's character, played by Brent Antonello, and followed Amanda Rollins' temporary departure, although she returned for the crossover episode. The series of exits left some fans unhappy with the episode.

Wolf Entertainment's official Twitter page provided an extended look at Muncy's farewell scene with Velasco in response to fans who felt her final scene wasn't sufficient. Currently, there is no information available regarding Burnett's future projects following her departure from SVU. However, she has been involved in the upcoming thriller film "New Me," which is in post-production, and had a significant role in the crime drama "Queen of the South" on the USA Network.

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