Johnny Depp responds to the tragic passing of Matthew Perry with heartfelt words.


In a recent article, it is claimed that Johnny Depp has expressed his reaction to the supposed death of Matthew Perry. The article suggests that Depp was deeply saddened by the news and shared his condolences with Perry's family. It implies that Depp and Perry had a close friendship and that Depp considered Perry to be an extraordinary talent.

The article also mentions that Depp admires Perry's work in the entertainment industry, particularly his role in the television series Friends. It suggests that Depp believed Perry's portrayal of Chandler Bing was iconic and that he greatly admired Perry's comedic timing and acting ability.


According to the article, Depp allegedly described Perry as a kind and genuine person who always brought joy to those around him. It implies that Depp, like many others, was shocked and devastated by Perry's untimely death.

The article further claims that Depp took to social media to express his grief and pay tribute to Perry's memory. However, the details of exactly what he posted are not disclosed.

In conclusion, the article states that Johnny Depp has responded to Matthew Perry's death by expressing his sorrow and offering condolences to Perry's family. It emphasizes Depp's admiration for Perry's talent and the impact he had in the entertainment industry.


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