'Young Sheldon': Annie Potts Had 1 Request About Meemaw's Hair When She Signed on to Play the Part

Annie Potts has spent the last six seasons playing Connie 'Meemaw' Tucker on Young Sheldon. The famed actor will also reprise the role in an upcoming seventh season. While fans adore Potts as Meemaw, they might not realize just how hands-on the actor was in the creation of the iconic character. Potts even fought for Meemaw's signature hair color when Young Sheldon was still in the planning phase. 

Chuck Lorre and Annie Potts didn't agree on Meemaw's hair color

In an interview with Gold Derby, Potts discussed the process of becoming Connie 'Meemaw' Tucker. She recalled being cast in the role while on vacation in the Caribbean. After signing on, she worked directly with Chuck Lorre to develop Connie's signature style. While Potts and Lorre were on the same page about a lot of different elements of the character, they disagreed on one important choice. Lorre and Potts were at odds when it came to Connie's hair color. 

Potts told the publication that she had recently decided to grow out her grey hair. She wanted Meemaw's hair to be grey, too. She said Lorre initially disagreed with the idea. Instead, the show creator wanted Meemaw to have the same color hair as her daughter, Mary Cooper. Missy, Sheldon, and Georgie Cooper three children had similar hair colors, too. 

Mary's hair is what some people might call dirty blond, while others would classify it as mousy brown. While the color is fitting for the deeply religious Mary, it doesn't feel like it would be a good fit for Connie, who has a wild streak that her daughter does not possess. Ultimately, Lorre acquiesced to Potts, and Meemaw has rocked gray hair all along. 

Will season 7 of 'Young Sheldon' be its last? 

Young Sheldon will return for its seventh season during the 2023-2024 TV season. In fact, the series is slated to return in the fall. While season 7 is a sure thing, additional seasons are not guaranteed. 

In fact, season 7 feels like a natural place for the series to end, as it brings viewers to the point in Sheldon Cooper's life when his father dies and he moves to California for Caltech. There is also a second The Big Bang Theory spinoff in the works, although details on the Chuck Lorre project are still scant. While season 7 feels like the right place to end, there is no official word on whether fans will be tuning in to a farewell season. It's unlikely that we will know what is happening with the series until season 7 is in full swing. 

Regardless of whether CBS orders additional seasons or not, Young Sheldon has been a massive hit for the network; Meemaw, and her hair, are part of that winning formula. 

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