This Dog Is A Local Landmark In Tbilisi, Georgia With A Personal Google Maps Mark And Positive Revie


There is a dog in Tbilisi, Georgia that has become a local landmark and even has a personalized mark on Google Maps. This canine has gained popularity and numerous positive reviews from residents and visitors alike.

This friendly dog, named Kupata, has become a beloved figure in the city. Being a stray dog, Kupata has made the streets of Tbilisi his home. He has managed to capture the hearts of locals and tourists with his endearing nature and playful demeanor.

Moreover, Kupata has become so famous that he now has a special mark on Google Maps, ensuring that people can easily locate him should they wish to visit or spend time with him. This attention from Google has only added to Kupata's reputation and made him an even more well-known figure in Tbilisi.


Not only is Kupata known for his friendly nature, but he also acts as a sort of tour guide for those exploring the city. Many people have praised him for showing them the way to popular tourist spots or hidden gems in Tbilisi. Kupata has become an unofficial ambassador for the city, making him a cherished local landmark.

Overall, this article highlights the story of Kupata, a stray dog in Tbilisi, Georgia, who has become a local icon and has a personalized marker on Google Maps. Despite being homeless, Kupata has managed to win the hearts of the city's residents and tourists with his friendly nature. He has also gained recognition for his ability to guide people around Tbilisi, making him a beloved figure and unofficial ambassador for the city.


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