Young Sheldon Season 6 Doubles Down On Big Bang Theory Mary Plot Hole

season 6 just doubled down on its Mary plot hole with . CBS's premier comedy is less than a month away from returning to the airwaves with brand-new episodes. Despite that, since filming for the show has been in full swing for the last few weeks, details about have been revealed through content from the set, including what's next for Sheldon's mother, Mary.

Things were hectic for the Coopers toward the end of season 5 after Georgie's unexpected pregnancy news. While this has affected everyone in one way or another, it has the biggest impact on Mary. Aside from worrying about what the future lies for her eldest child and forcing her to examine the state of her marriage to George, this development also caused massive problems at her church. The congregation that she loves so much endde up turning its back on her, with Pastor Jeff even firing her from her job.

Despite everything that happened, the Cooper matriarch is still devoted to her religion. As seen in a new , she will continue to attend church alongside Sheldon and Missy. While this is totally her prerogative, it's one thing to subject herself to the awkwardness of the situation where everyone is clearly gossiping about them, but it’s another to also include her kids. As seen in the clip, she nervously enters the church, fully aware that all eyes would be on them. This indicates that, ultimately, she isn't the devoted mother that Mary was depicted to be in. Unless both Sheldon and Missy insist on going with her, which is highly doubtful considering that they aren't as devoted to Mary's religion as she is, then she shouldn't have done this to the twins.

Can Young Sheldon Still Fix Mary?

There is no scarcity of . Its biggest one is the depiction of George. While the show may be starting to actively take care of that by setting up the character's known cheating scandal, it also needs to make sure that it addresses the worsening Mary plot hole. season 5 reveals some new information about Mary, including the possibility that she may also have her own affair with Pastor Rob — something that was never mentioned in. That being said, the sitcom also proved that it could easily rectify this particular prequel issue by vilifying George, the same way it did at . Since spinoff has no choice but to finally do this with Mary, it won't be long until she becomes the better parent in the Cooper household.

Before , Mary was always depicted as a devoted mother, especially with her socially-inept genius son. always highlighted her close bond with Sheldon, and it didn't help that all stories about George were unflattering. By exploring more of the Coopers' history in the prequel series, is revealing new information about its title character's mother, and while not all of them are good things, it only makes her more human since she is shown to make her fair share of parenting mistakes.

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