The One Reason Johnny Galecki Didn't Leave The Big Bang Theory After Season 10

It went on for 12 seasons but in truth, The Big Bang Theory could've gone on even further given its obvious popularity on CBS. The show came to an end in large part because of Jim Parsons. However, there were discussions to end the show following season 10. Johnny Galecki was among those that considered it.

In the following, we're going to reveal the one reason Johnny Galecki decided to continue on with the sitcom passed the tenth season. We're also going to reveal why the show almost experienced a shocking twist during season 8 after negotiations became difficult for two cast members. In truth, the show would not be the same without them.

Finally, we'll wrap things up by taking a closer look at Galecki's frustrations with the show finally ending after season 12. According to Johnny, things could have been handled better behind the scenes.

Johnny Galecki Decided To Stay On The Big Bang Theory Because Of The Writers

Jim Parsons was the major reason for The Big Bang Theory coming to an end after season 12. However, both Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki revealed that they were tempted to end the series after season 10. Galecki in particular wasn't sure if there still were other stories to be told on the show.

Ultimately, he decided to continue on because of the writers and their enthusiasm in telling other stories for season 11. Johnny Galecki weighed in on the sitcom's future at the time.

"We're very much talking about [the show's future] right now, and it seems that the writers are very confident and excited that they can write some more after this year, which is an incredible testament to them."

"If they're confident that they can do more, then I know that we're still having a great time with it on stage, so hopefully a bit longer," he said.

Season 11 was a go, however, the show faced other dilemmas just prior, and that included two major stars almost being written off during season 8.

The Big Bang Theory Almost Saw A Huge Change During Season 8 When Simon Helberg And Kunal Nayyar's Contract Talks Were Stalled

Production was finally able to resume for season 8 after Simon Helberg and Kunnal Nayyar renewed their deals. However, the process was anything but straightforward. The two were negotiating together, and were aiming for a deal in the same ballpark as Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki. This caused a block for the show, and the network grew angry with the stars. Even the likes of Chuck Lorre were contemplating continuing on with the main stars.

Variety writes, "The actors' rep was advised that their characters would be written out of the series if a deal could not be reached."

"Exec producers Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro were so frustrated by the prolonged negotiations that they were in the process of preparing a script that did not involve Helberg or Nayyar's characters in order to move forward with the first table read of the season."

This could've been a huge loss for The Big Bang Theory having to write such crucial parts of the show off for contract reasons. Thankfully, the two stars were able to continue on until season 12.

Johnny Galecki Wasn't Anticipating The Big Bang Theory Ending During Season 12

Johnny Galecki felt blindsided by Jim Parsons decision to end The Big Bang Theory. The actor felt as though Parsons should have had a discussion with the cast prior to making his announcement that he was going to leave after season 12.

"It could have been handled better. We're a family; have a conversation," Galecki revealed. "And I don't even disagree with how Jim felt, because in many ways, I felt the same way. I just disagreed with how it was managed."

"I was shocked. We were just blindsided that day. And not necessarily shocked by Jim's decision, but that he hadn't had that conversation with his castmates first to prepare us."

Galecki would go on to reveal his one major concern for continuing on without Jim Parsons.

"I don't think I could have performed in the way I wanted to, or would want to, if we did continue. I was done myself, I think. I didn't really know how to serve the character or the great writing anymore," he explained. "But none of us — the actors, writers — were comfortable with doing the show without one of us. And we absolutely would not continue on without Jim."

Fans can all agree that Galecki and the rest of the cast made the right decision to end the show once Jim Parsons decided to step away, honoring his contract.

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