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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of The Best One-Liners From The Series

The Big Bang Theory had plenty of iconic one-liners after a dozen seasons of hilarious television. Penny’s questions and Sheldon’s sassy replies are proof alone in the sitcom's brilliance. However, when you throw in the additional help of Leonard, Raj, Howard, Amy, and Bernadette, among others, and the show was full of rib-tickling lines that are often repeated by fans. 

Sheldon and Leonard’s dynamic was entertaining enough but the relationship between Howard and Raj also brought a long list of funny lines, as did every other relationship on the series. With so many episodes and lines to choose from, one-liners are unmatched. 


Sheldon claims that he doesn’t understand sarcasm or even most forms of humor but that changes when he starts using the word “Bazinga.”

By saying “Bazinga,” it proves that Sheldon actually did understand sarcasm even when he said he didn't. Knowing that he wasn't the funniest of the characters made his bazinga moments all the better. 

"That's My Spot"

Sheldon is full of quirks and silly eccentricities. It’s what made him both lovable and annoying to his friends. His obsession with routine and consistency led him to sit in the same spot on the couch day after day.

Whenever someone tried sitting in Sheldon’s spot, he would dryly say “That’s my spot!” This prompted those around him to find somewhere else to sit. Knowing how territorial Sheldon was over his spot made interactions with his friends even funnier.

"Was That Sarcasm?"

As brilliant as Sheldon is, there are a few things he didn’t understand; one of those things being sarcasm. Whenever Penny, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy, or Bernadette dryly said something sarcastic, Sheldon rarely caught on.

Knowing that Sheldon had no idea if it was sarcastic or not was half the fun for his friends. Eventually, Sheldon picked up on sarcasm and had his own sarcastic line, which was the aforementioned "bazinga."

"Not Knowing Is Part Of The Fun"

In “The Prestidigitation Approximation,” the gang were sitting around apartment 4A when Howard started doing magic card tricks with Penny. Penny was astounded by Howard's talent but Sheldon was annoyed by his craft. Sheldon's magical talents weren't at Howard's level and he was obviously jealous.

In regards to magic, Penny said "Well, not knowing is part of the fun.” Sheldon hilariously responded, "Not knowing is part of the fun. Was that the motto of your community college?" Luckily, Penny knows how to handle Sheldon's quips. 

"The Plot, Like My Gravy, Thickens..."

Penny was astounded when she found out that her fake Las Vegas wedding to Zack was real. When Penny and Leonard arrived at Howard and Bernadette’s house for Thanksgiving that night, everyone found out about Penny’s marriage and were shocked.

They tried to listen to Penny and Leonard’s argument through the door, which prompted Raj to say one of the funniest lines in the episode, “The plot, like my gravy, thickens!” . 

"Well, Your Ken Can Kiss My Barbie"

Penny isn’t as smart as Sheldon but there are some things in life that she understands more than Sheldon. When the two go head-to-head in "The Panty Pinata Polarization,” .

When Sheldon tells Penny “Woman, you are playing with forces beyond your ken.” Penny responds “Well, your Ken can kiss my Barbie.” It was a classic Sheldon and Penny moment that perfectly showcased their unique bond. 

"I Ate A Butterfly..."

When Howard had the opportunity to go to space, his excitement soon died with fear and anxiety. . Bernadette sensed something was wrong with Howard but didn’t know how to help him.

Things took a turn when Howard said the simplest of lines in the funniest ways: “I ate a butterfly.” His delivery was so genius that it made Bernadette realize how in over his head her husband was.

"I'm Not Crazy. My Mother Had Me Tested"

Sheldon’s brilliance made him hard to get along with at times. There were plenty of people who didn’t always understand Sheldon’s sense of humor, his remarks, or his train of thought.

Because of this, a popular response that Sheldon perfected was “I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested.” Sheldon’s intensity was him , nothing more. It’s a shame that Sheldon had to warn people that he wasn’t crazy just because of his smarts. 

"Please Pass The Butter!"

Leonard put up with a lot of nonsense by being Sheldon’s roommate but Amy put up with more nonsense by willingly choosing to be with Sheldon romantically. In "The Indecision Amalgamation,” Sheldon could not stop talking about the differences between Play Station and Xbox. Amy couldn’t care less about Sheldon’s debacle but pretended to be entertained after Sheldon demanded more of a reaction. 

While talking about his frustrations, . After asking for butter far too many times—and being ignored—Amy screamed “Please pass the butter!” The demand startled Sheldon but had the viewers in stitches.

"If I Could, I Would But I Can't So I Shan't"

In "The Skank Reflex Analysis," the guys are at Caltech's cafeteria talking about Penny and Raj's apparent one-night stand. Sheldon was stewing over Penny's words, not realizing that he was being lied to about nothing happening between them. When Leonard told him to "Let it go," Sheldon said something that only Sheldon would say:

"If I could, I would, but I can’t, so I shan’t." Sheldon went on to think about it until Leonard proved to him that Penny and Raj really did spend the night together.

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