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Jim Parsons Was 'Visibly Sweating And Feverish' During His Iconic Big Bang Theory Kiss With Mayim Bialik

Playing the role of Sheldon was not an easy task for Jim Parsons. As we'll reveal in the following, the actor had a strict routine when it came to the memorization of his lines. In truth, Parsons' Sheldon character was a major reason for the show's success, the likes of by his side.

Jim would run into a major speed bump along the way. The day of his intimate scene with Mayim Bialik, he showed up to the set feeling ill. Given the show's tight schedule, there was no other option but to shoot the scene. As we'll reveal, they had to shoot the scene several times, and it made for quite the experience for everyone involved.

We'll take a look back at how it all went down and how Parsons felt about the scene. In addition, we'll start things off by revealing , and how he was able to perfect his lines on

Playing The Role Of Sheldon Was An Intense Process For Jim Parsons

Looking back at , it is truly astonishing to see the lines Jim Parsons had to memorize on a regular basis. According to the actor, . It involved flash cards:

"During the week I make flash cards. Then I walk around my house and I drill them like a sort of ballet dance or learning moves because largely I don't understand what I'm talking about, and so I need the muscle memory in my mouth because when I do think about it, A) the right words won't occur to me and B) they will just be wrong."

Parsons would also reveal that a tough part of memorizing, . That was made much harder when he didn't fully understand his lines.

"There are complications from topics I don’t understand at first glance, and trying to make emotional connections to the conversation in which Sheldon is throwing these terms around. To make an emotional point, he’ll use these… words."

In this particular scene with Mayim Bialik, Parsons was forced to battle a different circumstance. The actor was rarely sick, but of course, the day of an intimate scene, he was feeling under the weather.

Jim Parsons Felt Ill On Set The Day Of His Iconic Kiss With Mayim Bialik

It was a stressful day on set for Jim Parsons. He was under the weather on that particular day and in addition, , aka Mayim Bialik.

 Parsons recalls, “I was sick with something, like a bad respiratory cold. And it was ironic because I always took care of myself, and here I am sick during one of the very rare times I have to kiss her. And kiss her several times because I knew we’d have to do several takes." 

Thankfully for Parsons, Bialik was understanding and wished to do the scene nonetheless. The actress could have easily postponed in, but she took a clever approach.

 “Mayim is always very game and never one to worry about those things too much," Parsons states. "Although she did have some sort of thing that she was gargling every time we did a take.” 

That's right, in order to avoid any type of illness, Bialik used peroxide after every kiss.

Mayim Bialik Took Precaution During Her Kiss With Jim Parsons On The Big Bang Theory

Bialik was very aware of Jim Parsons' condition on the day of the shoot:

 “The man was visibly sweating and feverish, so I rinsed with peroxide in between every kiss, every scene, every take, so that I wouldn’t get sick." 

It was a clever move by Bialik and to her credit, she didn't get sick. Not only that, but the actress was very proud of how the scene went, despite a lengthy night of shooting, which was tough on not only Parsons, but the entire crew.

"It’s such a great scene, and it turned out so great, but it was a really hard night. … To think of all the work that went into it, I’m so glad it was so sweet. I really loved it. Oh, and I did not get sick.”

Bialik once again proved her worth on the show. Following season 4, Parsons worried that the show would consider dismissing her character. Thankfully, she was in it for the long-run and a major reason was all because of Amy's chemistry with Sheldon.

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