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15 Things That Really Happened Behind The Scenes Of The Big Bang Theory

Without a doubt, one of the most successful TV sitcoms of all time, millions of fans loyally tuned in for each new episode. As a result, the series’ titanic ratings allowed it to last a truly impressive twelve seasons that was made up of two hundred seventy-nine episodes.

In order to craft the show that fans know and love, the series’ cast and crew had to spend long hours working on the series behind the scenes. In fact, there are certain things that happened behind the camera during production that any true fan should know. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 things that really happened behind the scenes of .

15 Fake Lenses

In this day and age, wearing glasses is a perfectly normal thing that nobody seems to make a big deal about. However, prior to the 2000s, there was a certain social stigma to it and many people thought it was nerdy to sport lenses. That likely is why the decision was made to have Leonard wear glasses even though Johnny Galecki can see just fine without them.

14 They Hid What?

Over the years, one show producer after another has dealt with the challenges of hiding an actor’s pregnancy. As a result, most of them resort to the same set of tricks, like having their character hide behind counters or hold oversized bags. In a twist of that situation, when Mayim Bialik broke her hand during the filming of the sixth season they had to adapt those ideas in order to conceal her injury.

13 Comedy Couple

Arguably the most important storyline, Leonard and Penny’s relationship was the focus of one episode after another. However, what a lot of viewers didn’t know at the time, was that the actors that played those two, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, dated. Thankfully for everyone involved, the two actors remained friends after their breakup which is of huge importance since they continued to work together for years.

12 Musical Experts

Not only are Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons, and Simon Helberg all talented actors, but they all put in the effort to master their character’s instruments of choice. In the case of Bialik and Parsons, that means they can play the harp and theremin respectively. Even more impressive than that, Helberg is an amazingly good piano player, which is a skill that is hard to perfect.

11 Family Affair

Even though Laurie Metcalf never was one of stars, her many appearances as Sheldon’s mom made her a part of the show that many fans loved. Perhaps that is why Zoe Perry was cast as version of Mary Cooper, as that also extremely talented actor is Metcalf’s real-life daughter.

10 An Entirely Different Tune

If you are anything like us, one of your favorite parts of watching was getting to yell bang at the end of the show’s opening theme song. For that reason, it is amazing that the show’s original pilot opened with a different song. Originally set to have Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” as its opener, it certainly was a fitting track but we’re overjoyed the Barenaked Ladies’ song was used instead.

9 Scientific Overseer

During any given episode of , there was a good chance that someone would start spouting off with some kind of scientific jargon. What many fans may not realize is that the show’s producers did everything they could to try to make sure all of the science talk was accurate. In fact, they hired astroparticle physicist, David Saltzberg to be their consultant.

8 Serious Negotiations

Back when began, there was no way to know how successful it would be. As a result, the show’s original five stars never could have anticipated that at one point they’d all make one million dollars per episode. On top of that, it would have seemed shocking that they’d all voluntarily take a pay cut so their co-stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch could make half a million dollars per episode.

7 Fridge Set Dressing

As any fan of should know, the two apartment sets are full of interesting things in the background if you look closely. For example, when Penny lived by herself, her fridge was chocked full of photos of the show’s cast and crew. Far more touching than that, after Carol Ann Susi, the actor who played Howard’s mom, passed away, Penny and Leonard’s fridge included a photo of her.

6 Legendary Contributor

You may not recognize his name, but it is pretty incredible that James Burrows directed pilot. In fact, he directed both versions of it but we will explain that further in an entry to follow. A television legend in his own right, Burrows also helmed the pilots for shows like , , , , and . On top of that, he also directed episodes of , , , , and .

5 Single Stairs

During many episodes of , the show’s main characters could be seen walking up one flight of stairs after another. However, in reality, the show’s set only featured a single flight. As a result, whenever the show featured one of those moments, the actors had to walk up the stairs while delivering their lines and then run back down only to go up once again.

4 Missing Character

As we touched on earlier in this list, original pilot opened with a completely different song. Unfortunately for someone named Iris Bahr, she originally starred in the show but producers cut her character after filming the original pilot. In fact, it is a shame for viewers too as Gilda was a co-worker of Leonard’s who was smitten with him and thought they would wind up together, which could have been funny.

3 Belarus Knock Off

Due to the titanic success that enjoyed, we’re sure its producers expected copycat shows to come along. However, stealing the show’s style is one thing and outright ripping the series off is quite another. For example, it is outrageous that a show from Belarus called ripped off cast of characters, concept, and even its history lesson style opening theme song.

2 Different Title

Given the fact that many TV fans know exactly what it means when someone writes the acronym , it is very safe to say that was a great name for this show. However, that almost wasn’t the case as at one point the plan was to name the show Lenny, Penny, and Kenny, a title that is far too cute sounding if you ask us.

1 A Replacement For the Ages

Over the span of this list, we have looked at original pilot multiple times. However, we have yet to touch on the biggest way in which it was different, Penny wasn’t a character that existed in it. Instead, the guys still met a beautiful girl, this time crying on the side of the road, named Katie and she was very different in a lot of ways.

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