9 "Criminal Minds" Episodes That Are Based on Very Creepy True Stories


The highly anticipated "Criminal Minds" revival is coming soon, so it's a perfect time to revisit some of the most memorable episodes from the original series. Over the course of its 15 seasons, "Criminal Minds" tackled numerous cases based on real-life crimes. One episode, "25 to Life," is inspired by the case of Jeffrey MacDonald, a former military doctor convicted of killing his wife and daughters. Another episode, "Somebody's Watching," draws inspiration from the "Lipstick Killer" case, in which the murderer left a message pleading for help in lipstick. 

The infamous Zodiac Killer also serves as inspiration for the "Boston Reaper," a long-running nemesis of the BAU. The two-part season four finale features a case similar to that of the "Pig Farmer Killer," who disposed of victims' bodies by feeding them to pigs. The episode "The Thirteenth Step" is inspired by the real-life crime spree of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate.

 Other episodes draw inspiration from events like the Waco siege, the Ariel Castro abductions, the Night Stalker case, and the Manson Family's "Helter Skelter" scheme. "Criminal Minds" continues to captivate audiences with its chilling stories based on real crimes.


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