The Big Bang Theory Creators Revealed The Major Attribute They Originally Wrote For Sheldon, But Instead Used For Raj

Kunal Nayyar, who played Rajesh Koothrapali on The Big Bang Theory, revealed that ending the show was like breaking up with the love of his life. Despite the difficulty of walking away, Nayyar expressed gratitude for the love shown by fans. He still carries some of Raj's mannerisms but is determined to break the barrier and avoid being typecast.

Nayyar ventured into more dramatic roles, including his appearance as killer Sandeep Singh in the Netflix series Criminal. He wanted to ensure that his next role would showcase his versatility and make people say, "Wait, who is this?" rather than seeing him as Raj playing a different character.

Interestingly, Raj's inability to talk to women, one of his most memorable qualities, was initially planned for Sheldon. Show creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady shared that they knew someone similar to Raj and decided to incorporate the trait into his character. They observed how this person would stop talking when a woman entered the room due to anxiety and selective mutism. Eventually, Raj's character developed from this inspiration, while Sheldon took on a different persona.

Lorre pointed out the significance of Penny's character, noting that she acted as a pivot point for the other characters. She not only cured Raj's selective mutism but also had a major impact on Howard and introduced him to Bernadette.

In summary, Kunal Nayyar cherished his time on The Big Bang Theory and felt emotionally connected to the show. He continues to work on diverse roles to avoid being typecast as Raj. Additionally, the creators revealed the origins of Raj's character trait and how it was initially intended for Sheldon. Penny's character played a pivotal role in the development of various characters on the show.

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