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Sweet~ Mayim Bialik Called Kunal Nayyar 'The Heart' Of The Big Bang Theory Cast Behind The Scenes

When you’ve spent as much time as the cast of did working on the CBS sitcom, moving on is not always the easiest thing to do. The very aired on May 16, 2019. In the time since that finale, the very talented cast has gone on to achieve some awesome feats, both on and off the screen.

Mayim Bialik portrayed the socially awkward and eccentric scientist Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the show. Since the series finale, the actress has made some serious career moves, including starring in and producing the Fox sitcom . Her former co-star on the show.

Other projects that Bialik has taken on in the aftermath of include , although fans have not yet completely taken to her in that capacity. titled on mental health issues since January 2021.

Reflecting back on the , Bialik singled out colleague Kunal Nayyar as the glue that held them all together.

Kunal Nayyar Played Rajesh Koothrappali On The Big Bang Theory

In , Kunal Nayyar portrayed the . The London-born star joined the cast in the first season and quickly became a fan favorite for his portrayal of the lovable and timid character.

Rajesh, more commonly known as Raj, is one of the main characters on , and was depicted as a successful astrophysicist who struggles with social interactions, particularly with women. Raj is known for his inability to talk to ladies, except when he is under the influence of alcohol or medication.

Throughout the show, viewers saw Raj evolve from being shy and timid to a more confident and outgoing person. Nayyar's portrayal of the character was praised for its comedic timing and ability to bring depth. Raj's evolution was highlighted by the gradual change in his relationships with the other characters, particularly Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki).

Nayyar's performance on was recognized with several award nominations, including multiple Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Mayim Bialik Reserved High Praise For Kunal Nayyar As A Co-Star On The Big Bang Theory

In April 2021, , in an interview about her time on . She was asked about whether the cast members remained in touch with each other a few years following the end of the show on CBS.

She explained that while it wasn’t always easy to constantly talk and meet with her old colleagues, they all tried their best to catch up whenever they could.

 “We’ve had a couple of touch bases,” said Bialik, before describing the unique role that Kunal Nayyar takes in the group: “Kunal has been one of those people who kind of always was the heart of our cast. And so, often he’s the one to sort of express that kind of missing-ness,” she said of their text group chat.” 

While Bialik could not always keep up with every former cast member, she was happy to at least get the opportunity to keep working with one of them.

Mayim Bialik Has Enjoyed Working With Jim Parsons In Call Me Kat

“For me, I still get to work with Jim, which is amazing. He’s not able to be physically in Los Angeles because of COVID. But we do get to keep up in other ways,” said Bialik about her collaboration with Jim Parsons on their new Fox sitcom. premiered on the network in January 2021.

The show stars Mayim Bialik as the titular character, Kat, a 39-year-old woman who, after her mother criticizes her for not being married and not having children, decides to open a cat café in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bialik's character is a strong, independent woman who defies societal expectations and follows her dreams. The actress’ portrayal of Kat is relatable and funny, and her character's journey of self-discovery is one that resonates with audiences. was renewed for a third season in May 2022, which premiered in September and is scheduled to run until February 2023.

In an , Bialik explained how working with Parsons in prepared her for the new show. “I imitated Jim Parsons [on ] for the first couple of years, and that seemed to work,” she said. Now, we get to build from the ground up.”

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