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Amanda Rollins' 10 Most Nail-Biting Moments on Law and Order: SVU

 has seen many dedicated detectives enter and exit the squad throughout its 24 seasons. But one of the most bittersweet farewells was . 

Rollins was an immediate fan-favorite following her first appearance in Season 13. She quickly proved herself to her colleagues and slowly befriended , cementing herself as an integral squad member. Rollins' journey was an incredible watch for all fans, especially after she married  and revealed she was leaving the SVU to become a criminology professor. Fans are always rooting for Rollins, so even if bidding farewell is hard, she'll always have a special place in their hearts. 

Rollins is already sorely missed, and it's safe to say her iconic maneuvers as a detective are unforgettable. That's why we're looking back at 10 intensemoments where Rollins had fans on the edge of their seats. 

When Rollins faced her inner demons

Season 13

In Rollins' early days in a Cragen-led , she quickly learned she wouldn't prosper in the squad until she squashed her own issues, which at the time was a heinous gambling addiction. Cragen (Dann Florek) was able to help Rollins get the help she needed to move forward, and it was just the beginning of the growth viewers would see from the hardworking detective.

When Rollins' past haunted her bright future

Season 15

Rollins' history of gambling issues caught up with her down the line after a group of criminals leveraged her debts to work around the law. This was back before , so you can imagine Benson after learning she was pardoned by their supervisors. Benson told Rollins she couldn't trust her, and Rollins understood, promising she would work to change that.  fans are glad she did!   

When Rollins realized she made a huge mistake

Season 19 

 is never afraid to take inspiration from the headlines, which was the case in Season 19 when Rollins and Benson were stuck in a shootout with a serial rapist who was keeping victims hostage in his home. Benson breaks it to Rollins that she accidentally shot one of the victims, and Rollins responds about how you'd expect an SVU detective would (poorly). It's a rough moment for everyone, but an intimate one between Benson and Rollins that proves how close they've become.

When Rollins and Carisi almost kissed

Season 19

After Rollins and Carisi had a rowdy bar night, they headed to their respective hotel rooms in a cloud of entertained bliss. As Rollins got to her hotel room, the energy shifted, especially after Carisi thanked Rollins for always having his back. After a weighted beat of suspense, Rollins and Carisi inched closer to each other until breaking apart. The almost kiss was afor Rollisi fans everywhere and was just the beginning of their prosperous relationship.

The moment Carisi helped Rollins when she went into labor

Season 20

Once upon a time, , nothing more, but that doesn't mean he wasn't always at her side when she needed help. Carisi's endless support took the spotlight when Rollins suddenly went into labor, with Carisi being the one to drive her to the hospital.

What Happens to Amanda Rollins on Law & Order: SVU?

When it was clear Rollins had feelings for Carisi

Season 21

Rollins and Carisi initially attempted to keep their relationship platonic, but thegods had other plans, which started to bloom when Carisi moved from the SVU to the DA's office. While Carisi was simply pursuing his passion for the law side of law and order, Rollins struggled to accept that her longtime partner left her side. The pair got into an argument about Carisi's "abandonment," which only served to show how much Rollins appreciates having Carisi nearby. 

The moment Rollins was promoted

Season 21

In Season 19's "Solving for the Unknowns," Rollins' hard work finally paid off when she was promoted to Detective 2nd Grade. After a frightful moment of anticipation, Benson told Rollins the good news, and she was immediately joyful. 

Rollins and Carisi's first kiss

Season 22

All eyes were on Carisi when he was chosen to give a speech at the  () and Phoebe. When the wedding was called off, though, he revealed the contents of his speech to Rollins. She got misty-eyed at Carisi's kind words (which were inspired by his affections for ). And then, the moment every fan had been waiting for occurred: Rollins and Carisi shared their first kiss. It was the perfect moment for everyone rooting for the iconic pair. 

When Rollins reflected on getting shot

Season 24

Rollins was shot in the Season 24 premiere of the show. After the incident, she opened up to Benson about taking time for granted and how fearful she was about being careless with her life. 

When Rollins said goodbye to the SVU

Season 24

After finding happiness teaching at a nearby law school, Rollins decided to pursue a full-time opportunity, leading her to leave the SVU. But this wasn't before . 

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