Johnny Galecki Was A Major Reason For The Big Bang Theory's Worst Halloween Episode Ever

During its run, The Big Bang Theory had some epic Halloween episodes. Among the fan favorites includes, The Middle Earth Paradigm during season 1. In this particular episode, Leonard is actually in a great storyline as he sticks up for Penny and confronts her ex-boyfriend Kurt. The episode was enjoyed by fans, however, there was a different Halloween episode that wasn't as well-received given Leonard's relationship with Priya.

In the following, we're going to take a closer look at the episode, The Good Guy Fluctuation. We'll reveal what went on, and why it is regarded as unpopular compared to the other Halloween episodes. In addition, we'll take a closer at why fans didn't take to Priya, and another questionable episode involving Johnny Galecki in the middle of it.

Leonard And Priya's Relationship Was At The Center Of An Unpopular Big Bang Theory Halloween Episode

The episode in question is The Good Guy Fluctuation, which aired right around Halloween on October 27th, 2011. Among the attractive plots of the episode included Sheldon trying to get in the Halloween spirit by pranking the guys.

However, another storyline shows a plot twist in the Priya and Leonard romance, as Alice enters the picture at the comic book store. It throws another curveball into the unpopular relationship, which at the time was for a few episode at the time. This storyline did hurt the episode and made it among the more disappointing on the show.

In truth, Priya's involvement at the start was only meant for an episode or two. Priya was supposed to have a brief fling with Leonard prior to her wedding. However, plans ended up getting completely changed, and Priya's involvement was for eight episodes. Johnny Galecki praised her time on the show, however, it seems like fans had a different opinion looking back.

Priya's Character Got A Harsh Reception From Big Bang Theory Fans

For Aarti Mann, playing the role of Priya was a major challenge, especially given that she wasn't used to a role in comedy at the time. The actress admits she struggled, trying to play the role with a comedic twist. Mann was told by Chuck Lorre to play it right down the middle, with a serious tone.

Despite the likes of Johnny Galecki praising Aarti Mann, it was a different perception from the fans, who didn't appreciate the character as much. Over on Reddit, fans had a lot to say about Priya's involvement, and it wasn't positive.

One fan writes, "It's a hard watch. I liked her at first until she wanted to change Leonard by making him cut off Penny, changing his wardrobe and making him using contacts even if he expressed they don't work for him. Talk about being a control freak."

Another fan writes, "I liked her at first but really didn't like her as it went on. There was how she kept hiding Leonard from her parents then she was going to break up with him if Sheldon told her parents that they were dating, that was messed up. Then she f***** around on him at the end. Glad she never came back."

This fan went to the extreme, and actually skipped episodes featuring Priya, "I hate her! I always rewatch Big Bang Theory so many times, but whenever her part comes, i just skip it, except the part where Sheldon blackmails her for the Roommate Agreement (Love that part)!"

Clearly, it seems like Priya's character soured on fans along the way. Despite her sibling ties to Raj, she wasn't brought back in the later episodes.

It Wasn't The Only Time Leonard Was In A Forgettable Storyline On The Big Bang Theory

Throughout his time on The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki has taken on some questionable storylines. Perhaps the most curious took place during the last episode, as Penny and Leonard reveal that they are having a child. Given the signs throughout the seasons, fans were lead to believe that things were steering in a different direction, but ultimately this was not the case.

Johnny Galecki himself revealed that he was surprised by the plot twist.

"The pregnancy shocked me. I didn't get it at first. Molaro and I talked about them maybe not [being pregnant]. We talked about relationships, and there was one in particular to his life that he felt was similar to Leonard and Penny's."

Kaley Cuoco agreed, and wished that Penny and Leonard moved on without having kids and honoring their past words.

"I actually wished that they did not [make Penny pregnant] because I loved that message [of Penny not wanting kids] so much." She goes on to say, "I was actually voting for her not to [get pregnant]."

Ultimately, both stars were satisfied with the finale and seemed to have put that particular storyline behind them. As long as the fans knew everything was going to be okay with the group, that's really all that mattered.

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