Simon Helberg Had A Selfish Reason He Was Happy About The Big Bang Theory Coming To An End

Simon Helberg, known for his role as Howard in The Big Bang Theory, revealed that he was ready to move on from the show and explore other roles. Despite being proud of the 12-year journey, Helberg expressed excitement about trying different characters and shedding his iconic wardrobe, particularly his tight pants. While he appreciated embody the quirky character, he was relieved to hang up those pants and bid farewell to the extensive hair prep and straightening required for the role.

Helberg did keep a memento from the show—a Nintendo controller belt buckle that wore in the pilot. It held sentimental value for him and symbolized the character's development. However, there was another aspect of the show's conclusion that brought relief to Helberg: fan interactions. During his time on The Big Bang Theory, he often encountered fans who would approach him with negative comments about the show. They would start their conversations by saying, "Listen, I hate your show, but..." This constant criticism began to affect Helberg, and he admitted feeling anger towards these encounters.

In summary, Simon Helberg was happy about The Big Bang Theory coming to an end for a selfish reason. He was eager to explore new roles, leave behind his uncomfortable wardrobe, and escape the stress of negative fan interactions. Despite the challenges, Helberg expressed pride in his 12-year journey and gratitude for being part of the successful series.

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