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What Did The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon & Amy Win A Nobel Prize For?

revolved around science as much as it did around friendship, so the fact that Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler did something to win a Nobel Prize isn't totally shocking. The couple first realized they were on to something big at the end of season 11. When Sheldon had a revolutionary idea about on their wedding day, it took Amy’s point of to tie Sheldon’s theory together. As a unit, the two wrote down their calculations on a mirror, and it was off to the races as Nobel Prize hopefuls.

Shortly before , Sheldon felt he’d have a Nobel Prize in the future and has hinted at the notion throughout the series. When he met his girlfriend and future wife, Amy, his focus on science became hazy as he found new interests in the social construct. However, before the show came to an end, Sheldon realized his accomplishments were coming up short in the world of science and he joined forces with the very woman who brought him out of his shell to bring home a Nobel.

The Couple Won A Nobel For Their Work In String Theory

Sheldon and Amy rounded themselves out as the ultimate power couple by winning their Nobel Prize for Even though some felt that the Nobel because of time constraints on their end, their fictional theory is based on , according to physicist Adilson Motter (via ). Based on subatomic particles, the two created their theory when Sheldon realized imperfect things could still be perfect with his theoretical calculations. The idea was created by the show’s science advisor, Dr. David Saltzberg, and sped up for the sake of TV.

Showrunner Steve Holland said, (via ). , this was an area that made sense for him to touch. Holland went on to say that the theory is not real and is actually However, that’s not to say that a real scientific finding can’t stem from Saltzberg’s idea. In fact, most of scientific banter being accurate was in large part because of Saltzberg.

How TBBT Got The Science Right

science advisor, Saltzberg—the man and brain behind the majority of scientific lines, theories, and experiments—was confident in his work but even he was worried about messing up the science since there were some who . He joked, (via )

Although Saltzberg did right by , physicist Don Lincoln said that there was with Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel win. Not only were there not enough measurements confirming their findings, but the turnaround time was too short.Lincoln said (via ). The physicist went on to say their win is a “mixed bag” of truths and fabrications, but at the same time, it’s all for TV. This could have been one of , but it's what gave the series a happy ending since Sheldon and Amy were praised globally for their finding.

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