Kevin Sussman Admitted That A Lot Of Stuart On The Big Bang Theory Was Him Acting As Himself


Kevin Sussman was a major part of success in a supporting role. Mayim Bialik called Kevin Sussman her favorite guest start and that sentiment also held true for the showrunner, as we'll reveal a little later.

Sussman himself also had a blast on the show, though Nonetheless, he had a positive experience in the spot, especially given the easy atmosphere behind the scenes.

In the following, we're going to take a closer look at Sussman's time on the series, and how he drew inspiration for Stuart's character. In truth, the actor wasn't very far off from what Stuart was like on the show. We'll take a closer look at their similarities, and where else Sussman was able to draw inspiration from for his character.


Kevin Sussman Really Worked At A Comic Book Store Before Making It In Hollywood

Kevin Sussman had auditioned for during its earlier stages for a different role. Ultimately, scheduling made it impossible, though he ended up appearing on the show as Stuart.

It started off a minor role for the actor but after an iconic unscripted line with Penny, he was given more to work with on the sitcom.

In truth, it was a perfect fit for Sussman, as

“I used to work at a comic book store. I worked at Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City while in acting school," remembers Sussman.



"I wasn't a fan of comics before I started working there, but I became a fan afterward. I am a really big fan of Frank Miller and Alan Moore."

His experience would also help in making Stuart look busy in the background during takes.

"I know what it's like to work in a comic book store; I know what tasks need to be done as the owner. And having that history has really served me really well on the show over the years because it has allowed me to stand in the background and look busy if the guys stop into the store to look for books and talk. I knew what Stuart needed to be doing as an owner—so I used that experience from life.


Sussman also had an easy time playing his role on the show, given how relatable it was to his past circumstances.

Kevin Sussman Used A Lot Of His Real-Life Circumstances To Play Stuart On The Big Bang Theory

Relating to the character wasn't all that hard for Sussman given his past.

Sussman revealed, "Stuart's dry-wit, his sardonic sense also comes from Sussman. Much of the character is me. The writers on are amazing. They really, even early on, wanted to delve into me—who I am as a person."

"They wanted to get close to me—so everything is really in my wheelhouse. Stuart's ironic dryness, his objectivity, his low nerd status, being broke while trying to run a comic book store and how awful that existence is—I can totally relate to.



Sussman would also add that he drew inspiration from the comic book owners he used to work with.

"I didn't own the comic book store that I worked at in New York City when I was in college, but I know the owners of it really felt much the way that Stuart does on the show."

Clearly, Sussman thrived in the role and those behind the scenes agreed.

The Big Bang Theory Creators Made It A Priority To Include Kevin Sussman During The Finale

Showrunner Steve Holland discussed finale. When asked if bringing back guest stars was a priority, , and that was none other than Stuart Bloom.


"We knew we wanted Kevin Sussman (Stuart Bloom) to be part of the finale because he’s such a part of the show. But we really wanted it to be focused on the main cast. This was our chance to say goodbye. It’s the audience’s chance to say goodbye. We didn’t want to fill it up with a bunch of returning guest stars."

Sussman had just as much of a good time on the show, crediting the longevity of the series to the way the cast behaved behind the scenes. It was an easy-going atmosphere and one that made the series so easy to shoot.


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