Rollins discovers a surprise student in her class on ‘Law & Order: OC’ – Elliot Stabler

"Law & Order: SVU" and "Law & Order: Organized Crime" are set to have a multi-episode arc that will continue into next week's season finales. In an upcoming episode of "Organized Crime," Detective Elliot Stabler visits Amanda Rollins, his former partner from SVU who left to become a professor at Fordham, to investigate an unsolved murder case that connects to an SVU case. In a scene provided by, Rollins is teaching her students about Alamut Castle in Iran, where the modern-day assassin was invented. Stabler happens to be in the class and answers a question about why "convincing someone their death has more value than their life" is an effective method of warfare. Fans can expect this scene to have a greater meaning in the crossover event.

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