David Schwimmer thanks Matthew Perry 'for 10 incredible years of laughter'


David Schwimmer took to Instagram to share his memories of his late Friends co-star, Matthew Perry. In a heartfelt post, Schwimmer thanked Perry for ten incredible years of laughter and creativity. The photo accompanying the post was from a Thanksgiving episode in season 5 of the show, where Schwimmer and Perry wore silly '80s outfits. Schwimmer admitted that the photo now brings both smiles and grief. He concluded the post with a reference to Chandler's iconic way of speaking, imagining Perry in heaven, wearing a white suit and asking, "Could there BE any more clouds?"

Schwimmer's tribute follows similar tributes from his other Friends co-stars. Earlier in the week, Courteney Cox shared her own tribute on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the moments she had with Perry and stating that she misses him every day. Matt LeBlanc, who portrayed Chandler's roommate and best friend Joey, also paid homage to Perry, calling their time together on the show among the favorite times of his life.

The Friends cast has remained close even after the show's end in 2004. Their heartfelt tributes to Perry show the deep bond they formed throughout their time working together on the iconic sitcom.


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