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Shanquella Robinson Murder: Arrest Warrant Issued for FRIEND of North Carolina woman

An arrest warrant has been issued and extradition proceedings have begun in Mexico for the suspect in the murder of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson. 

Robinson, a resident of North Carolina, is thought to have been beaten to death during a vacation with a group of six others in Cabo on October 28. 

It appears that the suspect in the crime was a friend of Robinson's. The suspect is not named in the warrant.

In an interview with ABC News on Wednesday, Baja California Sur prosecutor Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, said: 'We are carrying out all the pertinent procedures such as the Interpol alert and the request for extradition to the United States of America.'

Anaya added: 'It’s about two Americans, the victim and the culprit.' 

In the immediate aftermath of Robinson's death, her family was told by her friends that she had died as a result of alcohol poisoning, a story that swiftly fell apart under scrutiny.The prosecutor in the case also said: 'This case is fully clarified, we even have a court order, there is an arrest warrant issued for the crime of femicide to the detriment of the victim and against an alleged perpetrator, a friend of her who is the direct aggressor.'

The doctor had been called to the Cabo villa for reports of an intoxicated person who needed an IV, according to a portion of the Mexican police report obtained by the Charlotte Observer

Donovan was one of the people that friends and family confirmed was on the trip with Robinson.
Dr. Gutierrez was called to the house, a routine practice in tourist areas in Mexico, for reports of a person who had 'drunk a lot of alcohol' and was in need of 'an IV.'

The report, written in Spanish, says the doctor arrived and found 'a female' who had stable vital signs but who appeared to be drunk and dehydrated.

The woman, now identified as Robinson, was unable to verbally communicate, the report states.
Despite the doctor telling the 25-year-old's friends that she needed to be transferred to a hospital, the group insisted the woman be treated inside their villa.

Dr. Gutiérrez attempted an IV but was unsuccessful, according to the portion of the report obtained by the North Carolina news outlet.

Robinson also started seizing at one point, roughly an hour after the doctor had arrived, and the convulsions lasted less than one minute.

'At this point the patient's friend, named Wenter Donovan, called 911 to request an ambulance,' The Observer's interpretation of the report.

The call for an ambulance was placed around 4.20pm, more than two hours after Robinson's friends had first made the call for help.

'In the meantime, the patient presented with difficulty breathing and a lowered pulse, and they gave her rescue breaths,' the report continued.

CPR was administered beginning at 4.49pm. This rescue tactic began after Gutierrez stopped detecting a pulse.

Police arrived at 5.25 pm and spoke with Dr. Gutierrez before medics arrived and administered '14 rounds of CPR, five doses of adrenaline and six discharges (AED shocks) without success,'

Robinson was officially declared dead at 5.57pm by the doctor at the scene.

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