Steve Wozniak Cried Behind The Scenes During His Cameo On The Big Bang Theory

During the production of The Big Bang Theory, there were a couple of unusual occurrences that took place behind the scenes. One incident involved a famous physicist who visited the set and noticed an antique Geiger counter on the wall. The physicist recognized it as an old Geiger counter and suspected that it might contain uranium, which was commonly used for calibration in the past. fetched a working Geiger counter from his car, confirmed the presence of uranium in the prop, and safely removed it.

In another episode, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak made a guest appearance. He played himself and interacted with Sheldon, complimenting his virtual presence device and joking about Steve Jobs' turtlenecks. Wozniak expressed his love for the show, stating that he could relate to the characters' struggles with social interactions. He even admitted to crying during certain emotional moments of the series.

Wozniak's fondness for The Big Bang Theory extended beyond his cameo appearance. He made frequent visits to the set, even after filming his episode. Co-creator Chuck Lorre mentioned that Wozniak would drop by and hang out with the cast and crew.

The creators of the show reflected on the impact The Big Bang Theory, particularly its ability to resonate with people who felt alienated and provided them with a sense of community. The show attracted various notable guests, including Nobel laureates, astronauts, and tech giants like Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak.

Overall, these incidents highlight the unique experiences and connections that occurred both on and off the set of The Big Bang Theory, showcasing the show's influence and appeal to a wide range of individuals.

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