Whoa, Everyone From "Good Luck Charlie" Looks So Grown Up Now !

If you're reminiscing about Disney Channel shows this summer, well, good luck, Charlie. Thanks to a virtual hangout and some Instagram pictures from Jason Dolley, fans learned what's new for these actors. Here's our look into the wedding of Bridgit Mendler, also known as Teddy Duncan, and what the rest of the cast members have been up to. 

'Good Luck Charlie' was a beloved Disney Channel original series

Originally released in 2010, Good Luck Charlie told the story of one chaotic family as they navigated the hardships of life together. There were, of course, some extra challenges along the way, including Amy Duncan's love for theater, Gabe Duncan's pranks, and Bob Duncan's exterminator salary. 

Since then, though, the cast has gone on to hang out in person a few times. One of the most notable occasions was Mendler's wedding, which Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Mia Talerico, and Leigh-Allyn Baker.

It was a Duncan family reunion at Bridgit Mendler's wedding

It's been a few years since Mendler said her last "Good Luck Charlie." After a few years, the series ended its run on Disney Channel. Since then, however, Mindler went on to get married and, of course, invited her second family to the wedding. Thanks to some posts on Instagram, fans got a closer look at what this wedding looked like for the actor. 

From Mendler in her wedding dress to the table featuring the Good Luck Charlie's cast members, Jason Dolley gave his Instagram followers a peek into this Duncan family reunion. One picture even featured Mia Talerico, the character who portrayed Charlie in the original series. The last picture was of Jason Dolley and his "younger brother," Bradley Steven Perry. 

"Your big brother's always here for you, B. Love you, and wish you all the best. Congratulations," Jason Dolley captioned his Instagram photos. Of course, the post earned hundreds of thousands of likes from Good Luck Charlie fans. 

The 'Good Luck Charlie' cast reunited over video chat 

According to Entertainment Tonight, though, this wasn't the first (or last time) the cast reunited following the Good Luck Charlie finale. The article reads, "the cast has remained incredibly close, reuniting for family dinners, hikes, and momentous life changes." During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the actors met up over video chat to talk about some of their favorite moments with the series. 

"The creators [Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen] always wanted it to be an ensemble and have each character have something to say. I also really attribute that to our director and our various other writers and people behind the scenes who allowed us to really form out these characters," Mendler said. 

"I'm just so grateful for that opportunity as a young actress to be able to spend so much time developing a character. Also, they were trying to entertain a family audience. They weren't just trying to please kids, they were trying to reach everybody," she continued.

Episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Good Luck Charlie, are available on Disney's streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website. 

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