Josh Stewart Departs Criminal Minds: Evolution in Anticipation of Season 2


Josh Stewart, who played the character of JJ Jareau's husband, on the TV show Criminal Minds, will not be returning for the second season of the spin-off series, Criminal Minds Evolution. Stewart's character, Detective William LaMontagne Jr., had been a recurring character on the original show before joining the spin-off.

Stewart's departure from the series comes as a surprise to fans, as his character had become an integral part of the show's storyline. The actor has not provided any specific reasons for his exit, leaving fans guessing about the possible reasons behind his departure.

Criminal Minds Evolution is a spin-off series of the popular crime drama Criminal Minds, which focuses on a team of FBI profilers who solve criminal cases by studying the minds of criminals. The series premiered in February 2022 and has garnered a loyal fan base.


Stewart's departure raises questions about the future of the character, Detective LaMontagne Jr., and how his absence will be addressed in the storyline. It is unclear whether the character will be recast or if his departure will have a significant impact on the show's narrative.

Fans of the show have expressed their disappointment over Stewart's exit and have speculated on the possible plot developments that may arise from his departure. However, the show's creators have not released any official statements regarding Stewart's exit or the future of the character.

As the second season of Criminal Minds Evolution approaches, fans eagerly await more information about the show's direction and the new developments that will shape the narrative without the presence of Josh Stewart's character.


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