Big Bang Theory: The 10 Worst Things Amy Has Ever Done, Ranked

Lied to Sheldon and Penny: Amy and Bernadette lie about their whereabouts to get a break from Sheldon and Penny's complaining, which ultimately hurts them when they are caught.

Had a tantrum about Penny not wanting kids: Amy is unsupportive of Penny's decision not to have children and criticizes her for it, showing a lack of empathy.

Let Ricky the monkey smoke in her apartment: Amy justifies giving a monkey a cigarette as part of her research on addiction, but this act can be seen as animal cruelty.

Was a jerk to Wil Wheaton: Amy criticizes Wil's delivery on Sheldon's show and makes harsh remarks about not getting their money's worth, escalating tensions between them.

Exploited Penny's heartbreak: Amy tries to bond with Penny over their hatred towards Leonard's new girlfriend but goes further by stating why Priya is better for him than Penny. She also wants to monitor Penny's brainwaves during her crying for an experiment.

Was a terrible date to Stuart: Amy agrees to go steady with Sheldon while on a date with Stuart, showing insensitivity towards Stuart's feelings.

Became the maid of honor from hell: Amy takes her role as Bernadette's maid of honor too far by making the wedding about herself and being more concerned about her own emotions than supporting the bride.

Guilted Penny into hanging an ugly painting: Amy commissions a massive and unattractive painting of her and Penny, guilt-tripping Penny into hanging it up in her apartment despite her dislike for it.

Belittled Howard's achievements: Amy belittles Howard's space travel and refers to it as his "little moment in the sun," showing disrespect towards his accomplishments.

Stayed with Sheldon for too long: Amy stays in a relationship with Sheldon even though he doesn't meet her emotional needs, only realizing her own growth later on.

These actions highlight some of the negative aspects of Amy's character throughout the series, but it's important to remember that characters can evolve and learn from their mistakes.

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