Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Good Luck Charlie?

If you grew up watching the Disney Channel, or had kids that watched in during the prime days of the 2010s, then you probably know and love the show "Good Luck Charlie." The series was a sitcom following the Duncan family as they adjusted to its newest member, Charlie. Charlie's older sister, Teddy, documented her life in a video diary to help give Charlie advice when she got older. The series was very endearing; what's more, it was one of the only Disney Channel programs that adults could watch with their kids and not cringe at completely.

The Duncan family was very relatable in many ways, especially with all the hilarious characters that were part of the Duncan clan. From mom and dad to the two annoying brothers, a loving sister, and all their friends and neighbors, "Good Luck Charlie" never lacked entertaining characters played by talented actors. 

But whatever happened to the cast of "Good Luck Charlie"? Well, they've all really changed since the beloved series ended in 2014. And while some have gone on to have impressive careers, and some have found love, they've all really blossomed over the years. So, if you want to catch up with the cast of your favorite Disney Channel original series, read on.

Bridgit Mendler got married and has continued to act

Perhaps the biggest star of "Good Luck Charlie," other than Charlie herself, was Teddy Duncan, played by Bridgit Mendler. Teddy was the one talking to the camera in most of the video diaries, and tried to give her little sister as much good advice as she could. Teddy's personal life was often the center of the plot on "Good Luck Charlie," and Mendler played the role perfectly.

So, where is Mendler today? After her stint on "Good Luck Charlie" came to an end, Mendler continued to act and sing, appearing in a few different television shows and music videos. But one of Mendler's biggest life changes since "Good Luck Charlie" ended is that she fell in love and got married. Mendler married her fiancé, Griffin Cleverly, in October 2019 at a private and intimate beach wedding, according to People. Additionally, Mendler starred in the Netflix holiday-themed limited series "Merry Happy Whatever" in 2019, and got to act alongside Dennis Quaid, which she said she really enjoyed. Clearly, Mendler is moving on up in the world, and "Good Luck Charlie" was just the beginning.

Bradley Steven Perry has done well for himself since Good Luck Charlie

If there was one character on the Disney Channel that perfectly encapsulated the stereotypical annoying little brother, it was Gabe Duncan on "Good Luck Charlie." Gabe, played by Bradley Steven Perry, would often tease his older siblings, play pranks on them, spy on them, and was oftentimes getting in trouble at school or at home. Still, Perry's portrayal of Gabe was spot-on. And, in the years since "Good Luck Charlie" ended, he's taken his talents elsewhere and seems to be living his best life.

Since "Good Luck Charlie," Perry has gone on to star in a few other Disney Channel originals like "Lab Rats: Elite Force," "Mighty Med," and "Descendants: Wicked World." Additionally, Perry also had a recurring role on the ABC sitcom "Schooled," alongside AJ Michalka and Tim Meadows. His career definitely hasn't slowed down, but Perry has also taken the time to focus on his education. He graduated from the University of Southern California in 2021 and celebrated his accomplishment with a cheeky Instagram posting referencing the college admissions scandal. "And for the last time, I wasn't 'on the rowing team,'" he captioned a photo of himself holding his diploma. Clearly, Perry is doing well.

Mia Talerico has really grown up since Good Luck Charlie

The titular character of "Good Luck Charlie" was obviously Charlie Duncan, the youngest little girl in the Duncan family. Charlie was played by Mia Talerico throughout the series and viewers watched as she went from adorable baby to funny and sassy toddler over the years.

Talerico has had a few roles since "Good Luck Charlie" ended, though the young actor will likely always be known for her adorable portrayal on the series. Still, Talerico went on to have roles in the television show "Conrad," and two short films called "Shadow Theory," and "Photographic Memory." But Talerico's biggest role since "Good Luck Charlie" would definitely be on the television series, "Mani," on which Talerica played Paige. Additionally, Talerico has a pretty popular Instagram account — with over one million followers — where she and her family regularly post updates about her career and life. Yes, little Charlie is all grown up, and still doing well for herself.

After Good Luck Charlie, Jason Dolley stepped away from the Disney Channel

The oldest sibling on "Good Luck Charlie" was PJ Duncan, played by Jason Dolley. PJ was definitely the goofy sibling of the crew, and his character was seriously entertaining. Dolley was no stranger to the Disney Channel when he landed the role on "Good Luck Charlie," having appeared in other Disney originals like "Cory in the House," "Jessie," and more. But after the hit series ended, Dolley actually ended up leaving the network behind. Instead, Dolley landed more adult roles in shows like "The Ranch," and "American Housewife."

Dolley is also often spotted hanging out with former "Good Luck Charlie" cast mate and on-screen brother, Bradley Steven Perry. The two regularly post photos together on Instagram, so it seems they formed a close bond off-screen as well. Additionally, it seems as though Dolley has also found love. He took to Instagram to announce that he and his girlfriend were actually moving in together. "MIA AND I ARE MOVING IN TOGETHER!!" he captioned a selfie of the two together at Disney World. "We found a place we LOVE, gonna have a whole room just for board games/streaming, it's gonna be great." Though Dolley might have stepped away from the Disney Channel, he's doing just fine all these years after "Good Luck Charlie," that's for sure.


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