Big Bang Theory Season 7 May Have Teased Sheldon’s Ending

The popular sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" may have teased Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) ending as early as Season 7. Throughout the series, Sheldon's goal was to become a Nobel Prize awardee, and his professional life revolved around this aspiration. In Season 7, episode 21, Sheldon visited a psychic with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) while going through a rough patch with Amy (Mayim Bialik). The fortune teller told him that if he committed to his relationship with Amy, everything would fall into place personally and professionally.

Although Sheldon dismissed the prediction as "malarkey," it seemed to have stuck with him in some way. He had already been planning to propose to Amy before their temporary break-up, and in later seasons, he became more sensitive to her feelings. If the fortune teller's words hold true, Sheldon and Amy's ending on "The Big Bang Theory" may already be set.

In the current storyline, Sheldon and Amy are campaigning for a Nobel Prize nomination for their work on Super Asymmetry. Their major breakthrough occurred just moments before their wedding, and they have since published their paper despite encountering challenges along the way. Winning the Nobel Prize would be a satisfying end to Sheldon's story and align with the fortune teller's prediction.

As the series nears its conclusion, Sheldon and Amy's potential future includes the possibility of winning the Nobel Prize and Amy potentially being already pregnant. This outcome would fulfill Sheldon's lifelong goal while showcasing the influence Amy has had on his life.

Overall, fans speculate that Sheldon's ending on "The Big Bang Theory" was hinted at back in Season 7, when the fortune teller predicted that committing to his relationship with Amy would bring success in all aspects of his life. The ongoing campaign for the Nobel Prize nomination adds to the anticipation surrounding Sheldon and Amy's fate in the finale.

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