The 10 Funniest Young Sheldon Memes

"I Had Him Tested."

T. M. I.

Beautiful Hair Over Math Any Day

This meme of Missy commenting that being good at math doesn't matter since she has beautiful hair perfectly sums up her view on academic things as opposed to Sheldon's. 

The "F" Word

"Fiddle-faddle" and "poodle poop" as swear words were pretty tame and fitting for his age, especially considering his personality. 

Young Sheldon Versus Rick & Morty

The Book Is Mightier Than The Fist

Despite studying a book on Jiu-Jitsu, his best defense under attack is to throw the book at his opponent instead of using any of the moves shown.

Young/Old Sheldon

George jokes that Sheldon isn't like any other nine-year-old from Earth.

A Mother's Prayer

Before his first day in high school, he comments that rather than being intimidated by his intelligence, the other students would be so impressed by it that they'd appoint him as their leader. In response, Mary mumbles a funny but accurate prayer. 

The Irony

While Missy wants to watch something fun and entertaining, Sheldon insists on switching the channel to something more intellectual, to which she complains that TV isn't for learning.

 Smart & Funny

Sheldon unintentionally says something funny, which gets everyone else laughing, making him realize he's hilarious. The meme also shows something that rarely happens on Young Sheldon. Most times, people are laughing at Sheldon and not with him

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