Shemar Moore Utilizes 'Baby Girl' Catchphrase for a Worthy Cause


"Baby Girl" catchphrase, made popular by actor Shemar Moore on the TV show Criminal Minds, has been put to good use by Moore himself. The actor recently launched a limited edition clothing line called "Baby Girl" in order to spread positivity and support mental health awareness.

Moore, who portrayed FBI Special Agent Derek Morgan on the crime drama series, often used the term "Baby Girl" to refer affectionately to his female coworkers and fans. This catchphrase quickly gained popularity among the show's viewers, and even became a term of endearment between Moore and his fans.


Now, Moore has decided to utilize the "Baby Girl" catchphrase for a greater cause. He launched a clothing line under the same name, with the aim of promoting positivity and supporting mental health awareness. The limited edition clothing line features hoodies, t-shirts, and other merchandise with the "Baby Girl" logo and slogans related to mental health.

The actor hopes that this clothing line will inspire people to spread love, kindness, and positivity. Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these items will be donated to a mental health organization.

Through his "Baby Girl" clothing line, Shemar Moore is not only paying tribute to his character on Criminal Minds, but also using his fame and influence to promote a worthy cause. By supporting mental health awareness, he aims to make a positive impact and help those struggling with mental health issues.


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