11 Law & Order: SVU Villains Fans Are Still Terrified Of!

Hunter Mazelon

Played by Sterling BeaumonSeason 12, Episode 23 ("Delinquent")

Hunter is a juvenile delinquent who sexually assaults numerous older women due to lingering trauma from being assaulted by a babysitter. In the end, he is institutionalized rather than imprisoned, but not before throwing Law & Order: Organized Crime's Stabler (Christopher Meloni) and Benson through the wringer. 

Bart Ganzel

Played by Peter JacobsonSeason 13, Episode 23 ("Rhodium Nights")

Jacobson developed an incredibly insidious SVU character playing Bart, a man in charge of an escort service who ended up poisoning several women he employed. Bart also framed Captain Cragen (Dann Florek) for murder, using hitmen to kill people on his list. 

Andre Bushido

Played by Andrew DivoffSeason 10, Episode 7 ("Wildlife")

Andre led an expansive animal smuggling operation as well as engaged in human trafficking. He also shot Stabler once he discovered he had gone undercover. 

Merritt Rook

Played by Robin WilliamsSeason 9, Episode 17 ("Authority")

Merritt Rook was an audio engineer who coerced his victims into doing his bidding by putting them into real-life versions of the Milgram experiment. Not only was he conniving, he kidnapped Benson and recorded her screaming to torture Stabler.

Victor Gitano 

Played by Lou Diamond PhillipsSeason 7, Episode 19 ("Doubt")

While kidnapping a pair of siblings, Benson is grabbed and Victor slashes her throat, causing Stabler to rush to her side during the chaos. Thankfully, it turns out to be a surface wound, but because Stabler didn't pursue Victor, he kills one of the children. Later, Victor holds Stabler at gunpoint, causing Benson to pause in taking him down. Victor was scary for many reasons, including the fact he forced Benson and Stabler to question their partnership and ability to do their jobs. 

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Sheila Porter

Played by Brooke ShieldsSeason 19Sheila is the grandmother of Benson's adopted son, Noah. Initially, Benson approves of introducing her to Noah, but their relationship quickly takes a turn when Sheila kidnaps him. 

Rob Miller 

Played by Titus WelliverSeason 20, Episode 18 ("Blackout")

Miller sexually assaults a defense attorney at a police charity ball, and through legal and illegal intimidation, he avoids charges. He convinces many of Benson's witnesses to step away from the case against him, and even stalks and harasses Noah to send Benson a message. Later, he murders a young woman, and the SVU is able to finally gather enough evidence against him...but it's not without countless obstacles along the way. 

Lowell Harris

Played by Johnny MessnerSeason 9, Episode 15 ("Undercover")

In this episode, the SVU investigates a prison after several women are found raped and murdered. Benson goes undercover as a prisoner to investigate a culprit that the SVU suspects: a prison guard. The SVU is correct in its assumption: The prison guard in question, Lowell Harris, attacks Benson, who only narrowly escapes assault herself.

Dr. Carl Rudnick

Played by Jefferson MaysSeason 9, Episode 16 ("Closet")

It's never simple when the monster is inside the house, which is exactly what happens when the SVU discovers one of their medical examiners, Dr. Rudnick, is a serial rapist and killer. Rudnick is meticulous, altering details of his own crimes when examining his victims right under the SVU's nose.

Dr. Greg Yates

Played by Dallas RobertsSeason 16 - Season 17Yates is an accomplished doctor who is secretly a serial rapist and murderer. He kidnaps Chicago P.D's Nadia Decotis (Stella Maeve), torturing her and eventually killing her once he arrives in NYC. Like Bundy, he chooses to represent himself for his trial and is only caught once the jury sees how excited he becomes seeing evidence photos of Nadia. 

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